Mumbai (Bombay)

///Mumbai (Bombay)
5 04, 2016

Published: Mystical India

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My Travel article as published in ARE Magazine, Spring Edition 2016 – Mystical India.

13 12, 2008


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I watched Slumdog Millionaire yesterday, and I was instantaneously drawn. It kept your eyes, mind glued to the screen the WHOLE time. You find yourself lost in the movie & start to believe you are there, it felt so real. Jamal Malik is a teenage boy from Mumbai, India. He and his older brother Salim [...]

3 03, 2008

From Hollywood to Bollywood

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Well It's official. Before my time is up in this life.. I need to, will be, demand to be in a Bollywood music video as a leading female role.. a Bollywood Movie will do.. So far, the 2 night stay in each city has still been in effect. After 2 nights in Varanassi.. I was [...]