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27 05, 2016

Travel Product Review: Epic Wipes

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Feeling dirty after an epic adventure or long day on the road? Whether your wanderlust takes you camping in the Sahara desert of Morocco, surfing in Bali, or staying at a low-budget guesthouse in the middle of Laos, showers and water are not always available in all accommodations. Epic wipes is a high-quality, towel sized, bamboo wet wipe [...]

9 06, 2015

Top 6 Travel Apps You Should Have

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Traveling, like Life itself, is not a static thing. It never has been, physically or mentally. Technology has changed Traveling even more in the past decade, some say for the better, other's disagree. You can't argue though that it has made the whole experience a lot more convenient with research, routes, what to see, where [...]

24 02, 2015

Colored Pencils & a Notebook

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In effort to master the Art of Traveling, one must always find ways to be entertained on long flights to our final destinations. Some destinations a lot farther than others and some flights a lot more torturous than others (not all planes or passengers are as delightful as others). The most ideal scenario is if [...]

20 02, 2013

Travel Essential: Noise Canceling Head Phones

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One of the most thoughtful presents I received last year was a Bose Noise Canceling Headphone. As an avid traveller who ironically doesn't love the literal act of flying (but definitely loves the destination, convenience, symbolization), these headphones really make the ride a lot less dreadful!   The few pet peeves I have with flying [...]