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Bohemian Vagabond is focused on Solo Female Travels, Off the Beaten Path Destinations, Local Culture, Ethnic Food, and California Life through the eyes of a Cultural Anthropologist.

Jacki Ueng, the founder of Bohemian Vagabond, is a passionate Globe Trotter, Gypsy, Nomad with a Love of the Water and Warm Weather. Maybe it’s the Scorpio in her. Or that Wanderlust Gene. Completely obsessed with indulging in street food around the world and immersing in the local culture through the lens of a Cultural Anthropologist.

Certainly, a Monkey needing more Trees to Swing on.

As a Wanderlust, my passion has been anything but a 9-5, structured, mundane lifestyle. Order and routine are not my forté. I’ve grown up with a fascination for the National Geographic & Travel Channel and have dreamt of being a Gypsy trotting the Globe since an early age.

Solo Female Travel Blogger

Throughout my teen years, I began traveling with my family on tour buses and caught a glimpse of our fascinating world. I couldn’t wait to set off on my own. First, I needed to make my own money. How? That’s the million-dollar question, isn’t it? I’m no trust fund baby nor do I ever want to rely on anyone for money (or anything for that matter). Initially, I thought that I would work, save money, quit and then Travel. While that idea works for some, one would have to reset every time they come back. As I experimented on that journey through my first job out of college, working as a “Title Rep” in the Real Estate Industry off a commission-based career. I realized that I was able to keep my job, continue to build my clientele and keep traveling as long as I continue to bring in sales.

A Solo Female Travel Blog with a Different Approach to Financial Freedom

After reading ‘Eat, Pray, Love‘ at the age of 22, I realized that the time is NOW to travel. Not after I was divorced in my late 30s or even retired. I immediately booked my first solo trip to India in 2008, where I had been longing to go. This is how & when my Solo Female Travel Blog was born. With a backpack, Lonely Planet guide book & no real agenda upon landing in this mysterious country, I began to really see the world outside of what the ratings-driven media or any books could teach. I made a vow to live my dream and Travel the World for the rest of my life. My Love for Travel, Food & Culture has taken me to over 50 countries.

How I afford to travel was first written in my late 20’s on Travel Affordably. And recently, Achieving Financial Freedom through Real Estate.

Real Estate Professional: “Title Rep” & Real Estate Investor

In fancier terms, I am the “VP of Business Development” for Ticor Title in Los Angeles focused on Commercial Real Estate Sales and Refinance transactions. As mentioned above, I took on this job right out of graduating from UC Riverside in 2006, simply to save a few thousand dollars to Travel to India. Instead of quitting my job to do so, I went for 3 weeks and realized that I could continue to work and travel. That’s the beauty of Technology. Today, I consistently bring in new business while I’m in LA through face-to-face appointments and office visits. On the road, I maintain my existing flow of business electronically as a Digital Nomad.

My hours are flexible as I’ve worked creatively to build my clientele through the years. I subscribe to the lifestyle philosophy “Work Smart (& Creatively), not Hard“.

Instead of Quitting my Job to Travel,

I Kept my Job and Continue to Build my Wealth as I Travel

This approach with money and traveling is what makes Bohemian Vagabond Travel Blog stand out from the other Solo Female Travel Blogs. I document about my off-the-beaten-track Travels through Blogposts, Published Articles, Photography and Social Media Outlets. But also write about Financial Tips on Ways to Save Money and Real Estate Investing Tips.

In addition to building my wealth through my career, I have also invested in several income-producing properties. This adds cashflow to my bank account while building equity. I encourage those with any savings at all to begin investing in Real Estate. It really is the safest, most lucrative investment in the long run and for those wanting to travel more, it’s the best way to Financial Freedom.

At the age of 35, I’ve made my dream into a reality, having traveled to over 55 countries. Taking about a dozen international trips a year and many domestic trips throughout the US. Freedom in time and money is one of the best feelings in the world. Most are solo trips as I enjoy freedom and solidarity. Occasionally, I do take some sponsored press trips.

California Girl: LA Born and Bred

When I’m not traveling abroad, I’m hopping in my car to local destinations, blogging about life in Southern California. As a lover of food, I’m Instagramming and blogging about favorite Hole-in-the-Wall, Mom & Pop Restaurants, Street Food, Pop-Ups, and Talented Chefs. I’m also writing about Ethnic districts, Yoga Studios, Eccentric Bars, Nature, Hikes, Beaches, Cultural Experiences, Cooking Classes, and fun Shopping Districts. Basically wherever my curiosity takes me: untamed and uninhibited.

I am also a certified Yoga Instructor (through Yoga Works Larchmont) but do not actively teach classes. I hope my public Travel and Food diary inspires you to Travel. Or pursue whatever it is that you’d do if failure was not an option!

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