The Bohemian Vagabond


Globe Trotter. Nomad. A Lover of the Water.
A Monkey needing more Trees to Swing at.

As a Wanderlust, my passion has been anything but a 9-5, mundane lifestyle. I’ve grown up with a fascination for the National Geographic & Travel Channel and have dreamt of being a Gypsy trotting the Globe.

Throughout my teen years, I began to travel with my family on tour buses and caught a glimpse of our fascinating world.


Solo Female Travel Blogger

After reading ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ at the age of 22, I realized the time was NOW, and not after I was divorced in my late 30’s or even retired. I immediately booked a solo trip to India for a month, where I had been longing to go, which is how & when my Travel Blog was born. With a backpack, Lonely Planet guide book & no real agenda upon landing in this mysterious country, I began to really see the World outside of what the ratings-driven media or any books could teach. I made a vow to live my dream and Travel the World. My Love for Travel, Food & Culture has taken me through 35 countries.

How I afford to travel is all written on Travel Affordably.


Real Estate Professional: “Title Rep”

My hours are flexible as I’ve worked creatively to build my Clientele through the years, as I subscribe to the thought philosophy “Work Smart (& Creatively), not Hard“.

For the past decade, I’ve been in the Real Estate Business as a “VP Business Development” for Ticor Title in Los Angeles. Initially, I took on this job right out of graduating UC Riverside in 2006, simply to save a few thousand dollars to Travel to India. Instead of quitting my job to do so, I went and realized that I could continue to work and travel. That’s the beauty of Technology. Today, I consistently bring in new business while I’m in LA. On the road, I maintain my existing flow of business electronically as a Digital Nomad.

I’ve made my dream into a reality, taking 6-10 international trips a year and a dozen domestic trips. Focused on Solo Women Travels, Off the Beaten Path, Culture, Ethnic Food, and California Life through the eyes of a Cultural Anthropologist.


California Girl

When I’m not traveling abroad, I’m hopping in my car to local destinations. Blogging about life in Southern California: favorite Hole-in-the-wall restaurants, Street Food, Ethnic districts, Yoga, eccentric bars, nature, hikes, beaches, shopping and wherever my curiosity takes me. I am also a certified Yoga Instructor (with Yoga Works Larchmont) and have held donation based classes to Room to Read. I hope my public diary inspires you to Travel, or pursue whatever it is that you’d do if failure was not an option!