ARE Magazine

ARE Magazine is a Quarterly Magazine published by the Asian Real Estate Association of America (AREAA). Each publication prints over 5,000 copies with over 20,000 online circulation distributed across the US, Europe & Asia (mainly China, Taiwan, Hong Kong). For the full articles, you can view them here.

Summer 2017

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Winter 2017



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Fall 2016


Summer 2016



Spring 2016

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Winter 2015

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Fall 2015

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Summer 2015

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LA Yoga Magazine – June 16, 2012

Spread Out Your Mat For Room to Read


Read the full article at LA Yoga Magazine Online

Bask Magazine – Spring Issue

House of the Children

I had the honor to interview the founder of House of the Children, Nancy Santullo over a spontaneous 4 hour coffee date at the hipstery Gratitude Cafe in Larchmont. She sold her belongings, packed her stuff and moved to Peru 10 years ago to help with Water Sanitation & build sinks in the Rainforest. She also leads Energy workshops and is the type of woman that leaves you feeling more energized, intuitive and intelligent.


Bask Magazine – Winter Issue

As a Bask Contributor in the “Bask Cause” section, I interview founders of charitable organizations on what their ‘a-ha moment’ was which pushed them to step outside of their comfort zone and make tremendous positive changes in this world, their vision, and how we can help.

Kids of Kilimanjaro

In-Touch Weekly – August 2010

Featured right before the EAT, PRAY, LOVE movie release!