To Make the World a more Peaceful Place through Travel Journalism, Cultural Anthropology, Insight through Ethnography, Photography & Videos.


To inspire EVERY Earthling on this planet, especially those with Choice in America to TRAVEL. How exciting is Consistency & Routine? We don’t realize what a small demographic we live in. And all that we know: our custom, culture, religion, beliefs, mannerisms are all taught from this small bubble of sea you’ve been placed in this life. Get out! Explore!

To Inspire Young women to travel more, the how to guide – On a Budget, Travel Safely & gain the most out of it. I’m here to introduce new Culture, Religion, Kinship & Politics to the everyday individual, through Exploring, Writing & Broadcasting.

The key ingredient to a healthy mind is understanding the power of perception, accepting that fact and loving diversity. I truly believe that if every individual understood that, despite their differences in religion & background.. that the world would finally see PEACE.

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