Best Chinese Food East of Downtown Los Angeles

Where does one go to find the best Chinese Food in Southern California? Perhaps even in the US? It is arguably in the area I grew up in: the San Gabriel Valley! You can forget about China Town in Downtown Los Angeles as most Chinese people find the food greasy and un-authentic. To find the most authentic Chinese food, you’ll have to go east of Downtown Los Angeles. From Downtown, it’s only a 15 minute drive to the closest city where the count of the Chinese, Cantonese and Taiwanese population rises. It’s reaching Alhambra in the very west for Dimsum and Cantonese Cafés. Then going all the way east (30 minutes) to Diamond Bar where LA County borders San Bernardino County that is your diameters! Go deeper, and you will find hundreds of authentic variations of Chinese cuisine in this heavenly gastronomy region.

Chinese people value their meals and weigh family bonds heavily through food. And me? Well, I weigh Life heavily through Food. The western cities of San Gabriel Valley has more of the authentic Cantonese restaurants (hence the larger population of people from Southern China, Chiu-Chow and Vietnamese mix). Go east down the 60 freeway to Hacienda Heights, Rowland Heights and Diamond Bar for the most authentic Taiwanese Food that you’ll find outside of Taiwan! Arcadia, in the middle of the two also has some delicious Chinese and Taiwanese restaurants.

Authentic Chinese Restaurants in San Gabriel Valley

I’ve included some Boba Tea Hangouts to visit in my Chinese Culinary Heaven:: Colima Road post, in Rowland Heights. Here I will highlight a few of my favorite restaurants & dishes throughout San Gabriel Valley. Reasons I commute 30 miles east weekly, besides to visit my parents:


Best Noodle Shops in San Gabriel Valley

(my favorite food in the whole entire galaxy)


New Garden, Rowland Heights

authentic chinese food in san gabriel valleyNew Garden serves up what we call Chinese-Korean fusion. The Koreans call it “Chinese Food”. The people who own the restaurants are typically of Chinese heritage who’s families migrated to Korea in the last century. Owners and servers are most Korean in culture, speak Korean than Chinese.

I’ve been coming here with my family consistently for 20 years. I get the same thing every time.

Order: Chhampong Noodles “Tsau-ma Mien”. A spicy seafood noodle soup (includes mussels, sea cucumber, shrimp, veggies, squid). These noodles are on my top 3 favorite noodle list of all time.


best ramen hacienda heights

Foo Foo Tei, Hacienda Heights
Delicious Ramen!!! The neighborhood’s hidden gem.




Most Authentic Dimsum in the San Gabriel Valley

best dimsum in los angeles

888, San Gabriel
New Capital Seafood Restaurant, in Diamond Plaza, Rowland Heights
Sam Woo, Rowland Heights

Or come here at night for Seafood. Very versatile us Chinese you see. It’s like magic.


Best Taiwanese Food in Los Angeles

Tofu King, in Hong Kong Plaza, Rowland Heights

best stinky tofu in los angelesLocated in the inner most corner of the shopping center to the left of the market. Tofu King specializes in “Stinky Tofu”, which is arguably one of Taiwan’s favorite and most unique street food. Truly an acquired taste as the smell has been described by many foreigners as the most foul smelling odor. It’s a tofu that’s been fermented for weeks and then deep fried. Other variations of cooking is to steam it.

I personally LOVE Stinky Tofu and Tofu King is one of the best spots for the most authentic tofu outside of Taipei.

Order: Stinky Tofu, Squid Noodle Soup, Spicy wontons


Din Tai Fung, Arcadia

authentic chinese food in san gabriel valleyDin Tai Fung is the most popular Chinese Restaurant chain in the world. The first restaurant originated in Taiwan in 1972..Internationally known as the best dumplings!! Prepare for the long lines, but well worth the wait.

Since, Din Tai Fung has established 119 branches in 14 countries. These countries include Taiwan, Japan, the United States, mainland China, Singapore, South Korea, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Macau, UAE, and the Philippines

Order: The classic Pork Xiao Long Bao “XLB”. Cold appetizers such as the shredded bean curd, cold cucumber, wood ear mushrooms. Really you can’t go wrong with anything at DTF. Order anything and your mouth will be partying like it’s 1984.


Liang MaMa’s Kitchen, San Gabriel

authentic chinese food in san gabriel valleyClassic Taiwanese food. They come in smaller portions so it’s best to share. Well, it’s always best to share really.

Order: Spicy pork wrapped in bitter melon, beef dried (or soup) noodles, Beef Wrap (YUM), hot oil wontons, wine soaked cold chicken. I have liked everything I tried here.




Best Hot Pot in Los Angeles

Jazz Cat Cafe, Rowland Heights & San Gabriel

authentic chinese food in san gabriel valley

A cute Jazzy restaurant with a cozy, trendy decor. Not your typical mom and pop Chinese restaurant. Pick your broth, then pick the size S,M,L, then pick your meat. I love the lamb. They have a location in Rowland Heights and in San Gabriel. There may be a 30-45 minute wait during dinner time.

Order: There are over 15 different broths to choose from. I personally like the Spicy Taiwanese broth, although the others I’ve tried have all been good including the classic Jazz Cat special.


Little Fat Sheep Hot Pot, San Gabriel

authentic chinese food in san gabriel valley

Translated in Chinese – Shiau-fei-yang as “little fat sheep”
Order:: lamb meat, mushrooms, veggies.. and drop em all in the pot, enjoy with a group of family or friends!




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