Noodletown: Best Boston Chinatown Restaurants

Noodletown, a show written and hosted by Travel Blogger & Host, Jacki Ueng, takes you to various Asian Neighborhoods across the United States. This show’s purpose is to share with viewers, the history behind Asian immigrant neighborhoods, including the individual stories of their journey while tasting the best Asian dishes. Noodles are the main staple across all of Asia. And arguably, Marco Polo brought them all the way west to Italy which gave birth to Pasta! In our episodes, we taste various traditional Asian dishes across all ethnicities, made in family-owned shops as a way to bring nostalgia to our audience. In this episode, we share with you the best Boston Chinatown Restaurants.

Noodletown Boston was filmed and published in October 2019, just days before the AREAA National Convention (Asian Real Estate Association of America). This episode is co-hosted with Tom Truong, a successful Real Estate Broker with EXP Realty in Boston. Tom has always been open about sharing his journey to America. A treacherous boat journey from Vietnam to America with his mother, his eternal strength, carrying all his siblings.

Immigrants Make America Great

Today, Tom and many other Asian-Americans continue to prove day by day,
that they are living proof of immigrants who have achieved the American Dream.
Through hard work, determination, taking risks, failing, rising again, and creativity through the decades.

Tom vows to help at least 100 people before he passes. A promise he made to his mother on her death bed. And he has surely accomplished this already. Tom continually serves in various non-profit boards throughout Boston that give back to the less fortunate as well as the Asian-American Pacific Community.

Watch more episodes on Noodletown on the AREAA News Network Youtube Channel:

Where to Eat in Boston Chinatown

  • For the best Hot Pot, visit: Q Restaurant
  • Comfort Chinese Food, Hong Kong street snacks and late-night eats (until 4 am, Thursday-Saturday), visit: Double Chin

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