Probiotic Skincare for Frequent Travelers + Best Facial in Beverly Hills

As many of us hit over the age of 30, especially frequent travelers, it is natural that our skin takes a toll on us. I recently met Colette Brown, a Wellness Coach, Clinical Aesthetician and Entrepreneur, at the Organic Spa Magazine Wellness event in Los Angeles. We spent some time together after and she shared a lot of insight into what happens to our skin while traveling in the air and through different climates. I was also treated to a one of a kind organic, probiotic, lymphatic facial that left my skin and energy feeling so refreshed after. This is one of the hottest and best facials in Beverly Hills right now.

best facial in beverly hills
Colette Brown, Wellness Coach, Consultant and Aesthetician

The Organic Facial Treatment for Frequent Travelers and People over 30:

Treatment: Smooth Sculpt with Columbia Skincare Probiotic Facial

I met Colette Brown at the office of Dr. Daniel Golshani, a double board certified Plastic Surgeon (practicing since 1996), in Beverly Hills. Colette has her office hours here 3 times a week where she meets with clients like myself for consultation and facials.

Medical office of Dr. Daniel Golshani: 9301 Wilshire Blvd Suite #410, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

The “Smooth Sculpt Probiotic Facial with Columbia Skincare” treatment makes your skin glow and tighten, naturally. Lymphatic drainage removes toxins and opens blocked pathways to allow oxygenated blood in and to deliver nutrients. It stimulates fibroblast activity, which signals the production of collagen and elastin naturally within the skin. Allowing for tighter, brighter skin. Columbia Skincare contains pharmaceutical grade ingredients, domestically sourced, providing nourishment for the microbiome of the skin. When we care for our skin, our largest organ, inside out, and outside in we will glow.

How often do you recommend these facials? A monthly facial is recommended after the age of 30. Our cellular turn over slows down. And we can help progressively age by caring for and nurturing our skin with good, quality products.

Cost: Smooth Sculpt with Columbia Skincare Probiotic – $195 per treatment (or a package of 6 for $995)

Learn More: Columbia Skincare not only rejuvenates one’s skin, its probiotic ingredients boost the body’s natural abilities to heal. From the outside in. To purchase Columbia Probiotic Skincare products, visit https://fcsturtevantcompany.comUse my promo code “BOHEMIAN15” for 15% off through December 24, 2019!


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The Value Of Natural Medicine:

“The goal of probiotics is to provide balance to the skin’s microbiome.
Probiotics are gentle and effective multitaskers,
Making them an indispensable asset in keeping your skin healthy.”
-Columbia Skincare Website


After my relaxing facial, I asked her recommendations on how to maintain our skin after a facial.

What are some skincare regimens you recommend Travelers
take with them on their carry on and in their luggage?

SUNSCREEN: Even during overcast weather? YES!

One of my favorites is EltaMD Clear. If you want a great tinted sunscreen, Control Corrective Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 30. Try to use SPF 30 and higher.

CREAMY FACIAL CLEANSER: One that will remove debris and makeup. Washing morning and night is recommended.


  • Columbia Skincare Probiotic Concentrate – the “serum”: This should be applied after washing the face. A small amount, the size of a pea, is recommended. Allow it to dry before moisturizing. Apply morning and night.
  • Columbia Skincare Probiotic Complex – the “moisture”: This goes on top of the Columbia Concentrate and only a small amount is needed.  Since the consistency is a little thicker, dab on the skin and allow it to “warm” up before spreading. Apply morning and night.
  • Columbia Skincare Ultimate Skin Repair Cream: This helps with acne breakouts, cuts, razor burn, scratches, skin irritation, bug bites. It’s a great all-around healing hydration source.

[ Exciting News: Columbia Skincare will be launching a Probiotic Cleanser in 2020. Stay Tuned! ]

Colette recommends wearing an eye mask to promote deep sleep, on and off the plane. You will probably not know how the lighting will be in the room you stay in.


  • CoQ10 serum for the face
  • Hyaluronic Acid (Colette recommends Hale Cosmeceuticals, a domestic company/lab out of Chicago)


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As frequent Travelers, our skin and body never seems to be hydrated enough between all the flying, what do you recommend?

Some negative effects of traveling is plane radiation and changes in weather and elevation. To protect ourselves, pack a reusable Water Bottle with you always. Constantly drink water and also take a Rose Water Toner to help hydrate your skin.

What are some other Skincare and Wellness tips you recommend for Travelers?

  1. The quality of air on planes is very poor. Airborne viruses and germs can result in adversely impacting the skin and worse. Upon landing, a quick shower and drink a lot of water. STAY HYDRATED!
  2. It’s not good to drink a lot of alcohol on plane. Limit 1 drink per every 4 hours of flight time.
  3. Remove shoes when you get on the plane. Do minor leg exercises or arms calisthenics to keep the blood flowing to prevent blood clots.
  4. TED stocking, or compression stockings work on the legs are essential on long flights to keep the veins from distending, which slows the blood flow to the heart.
  5. Take Supplements:
    1. Oregano
    2. Vitamin C
    3. Melatonin (for natural sleep)
    4. Magnesium (naturally calming, helps with constipation, muscle cramps)
best facial in beverly hills
“As a living organ, the skin needs to be cared for.
Progressive, gentle treatments are a critical part of a complete,
loving, lasting approach to caring for our skin and our whole bodies.” – Colette Brown 

Have more questions about Skincare, Wellness and the best Facial in Beverly Hills? Contact Colette Brown:


best facial beverly hills

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