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Solo travel is addicting, fun and liberating. As cliche as it sounds, these moments become defining points in your life. You get to learn about yourself and also meet people with different global perspectives. But traveling abroad, or even roaming around in your own neighborhood alone can come with danger risks. As females, we need to worry about potential sexual assault, annoying catcalling or robbery. That’s why I recommend that every woman, and really everybody (young or old), carry a Chary. What is it? It’s the best personal alarm keychain in case of any potential danger that can erupt at any time of the day.


Meet Chary: The Best Personal Alarm Keychain

Chary is in my purse and with me wherever I travel. It’s an adorable, yet affordable life-saving device, officially called the “CHARY Self-Defense Alarm”. In case I feel that I’m in danger at any point, I can press the button for a loud alarm sound. Or I can pull the pin out, throw it far, so that the loud sound continues to go off. This way, if you’re being attacked and the criminal tries to grab it, the loud sound will continue to go off (attracting attention) without the pin. Thankfully I haven’t had to use it (but you just never know).

Best Personal Alarm Keychain
To set off the alarm sound, simply push the button in the middle. Or pull the pin out to prompt the device to emit a loud noise of up to 120db to attract attention.

CHARY is a useful accessory for everyone in your life:

  • Your child is starting school or going off to college for the first time.
  • You work late at night in a bad neighborhood.
  • You have an elderly parent that you’re worried about.
  • Also practical for joggers, hikers, campers.
  • Really everyone who steps outside of their house!

Why Should You Have a Personal Security Device?

Investing in a security device can potentially save your life. That’s why you should always carry this personal alarm keychain with you at all times. Attach it to your keys, your bag, or in any easy to reach areas of your body when traveling or walking outside. Because a dangerous situation can occur at any time, you can make sure you and your loved ones are prepared. When someone is in danger, it’s often very difficult for that person to scream for help. They may freeze up, be hurt or simply be too afraid to shout. Not only will it scare off an assailant who doesn’t want to get caught, it will also alert others & draw attention to the victim. Carrying it around is a great way to ensure your own safety and give you a sense of security that your loved ones have an easy way to draw attention if needed.

CHARY is the best alarm I’ve tested to date. Why?

✔️Made with Silicon. A smooth, soothing texture as your everyday keychain (not plastic which is better for the environment & longer lasting). Silicon makes it durable, so you don’t have to worry about it cracking like plastic or other cheap materials
🔋 Fast charge time of only 30 minutes and will typically last 5 days (depending on usage)
🔊 Carries a 120db sound which is the same decibel level as a thunderclap or chainsaw


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This personal alarm keychain is lightweight, inconspicuous, and comes with a charger. Make sure you charge the device before venturing out to ensure that you have enough battery until you get back to your accommodation. CHARY comes in six pretty colors starting at $11.99 USD. You can purchase yours here. Or simply search “Chary Personal Alarm” on!

I also recommend practical and security devices in the form of a flashlight, whistle and pepper spray.


About the Founder of CHARY & GOGAkids

CHARY was created by a passionate soul from Southern California. After losing his 9-year-old cousin Daniel to cancer in 2016, he was inspired to build a brand focused on providing high-quality products & memories to families. He found his calling to give back to those most vulnerable to crimes. And also to promote mental health. Chary, the best personal alarm keychain, is a practical gift for anyone in your life, especially those adventurous female travelers!

The founder of CHARY is also the entrepreneur behind The mission is to see all children smile when they unbox gifts. The name “GOGA” originated from the word ‘agog’ which means “very eager or curious to hear or see something“.  The idea behind it is that everyone, both children and adults, enjoy the feeling of opening up a gift. As parents/guardians/aunts/uncles, the joy we feel when we bring that awesome feeling to a child is priceless. That’s what GOGA is about. It’s about bringing that curiosity, that new gift, and turning the momentous occasion into a cheerful euphoric experience. GOGA also sells Indoor/Outdoor Tents, adorable bedroom décor, and educational toys.


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