Inle Lake’s Best Sunset: La Rizière Buvette

Can I let you in on a little secret? Because I adore and appreciate all my readers so much, I want you to know where the most beautiful restaurant to watch sunset is in the world.

First, you’ll have to hop on a plane to Inle Lake in Myanmar from wherever you are. I know, no biggie.

Bicycle Ride in Inle Lake

Alright, now that you have arrived to Inle Lake,
my favorite town in the world,

the road to get to this beautiful restaurant may be slightly dusty,
but it’s so well worth it!
(It’s only 15 minutes away. Or you can take a taxi)

You’ll get to go off the beaten path and ride through villages where friendly Intha people live.
They love visitors so please stop to say hello in their shops and sip some tea along the way!


Welcome to La Rizière Buvette!

Best place for sunset in Inle Lake
The Path to Serenity

The Best Place for Sunset in Inle Lake

Best place for sunset in Inle Lake
View of the Rice Paddies from La Rizière Buvette

Aren’t the Colors & Design just Perfect?

After you arrive by bicycle ride (or taxi),
I’m sure you may be a bit thirsty from the warm Inle weather..

How about some fresh Coconut Juice?

Where to eat in Inle Lake

Or better yet.. some Iced Cold Myanmar Beers?

While swinging on a hammock.

Where to drink in Inle Lake

There Are 2 Main Huts:

The Open Kitchen/Restaurant

La Rizière Buvette Restaurant
La Rizière Buvette Restaurant

..and the 2 Story Hut

Best restaurant in Inle Lake

Oh and I forgot another bit. The bathroom ALSO has a spectacular view.
So if you happen to be in the bathroom during sunset, don’t worry, take your time.
You’re in a great spot for sunset too!

(Sorry, I don’t have a photo of it. I totally forgot to take my camera when I went to pee.
You’ll just have to trust me on this one!)

Best place for sunset in Inle Lake

So What is There to do Here?

Well, just off the top of my head:
You could spend time alone. Relax.

Bring a Good Book, Journal and/or your Laptop to get some work done.

Best place for sunset in Inle Lake

Take a Nap. Sunbathe.

Bring some friends and play catch up while enjoying
the Best Place to Watch Sunset in Inle Lake.

Or just come anytime of the day as it’s opened from 9am-7pm daily!

Best place for sunset in Inle Lake
The View of the Rice Paddies from La Rizière Buvette

La Rizière Buvette sits on the rice fields with a view of the mountains in a distance, which all goes into the equation of it’s perfect elegance.


The Vision of La Rizière Buvette by Myo Minn Thu

Myo Minn Thu is a young Burmese visionary and businessman, born in Yangon but spent many years in Thailand and UAE where he received his training in the Restaurant & Hospitality industry. He decided to station in Inle Lake, at a slower pace of life where people are friendly and he wishes to share this town with the rest of the world. In 2017, he collaborated with a Frenchman to design this beautiful establishment. La Rizière Buvette was constructed with mainly Bamboo from the hard work and labor of locals.

Myo Minn Thu also owns Coffee House by Pleasant Garden (just opened early 2018) in the hills near Red Mountain Vineyard which I highly recommend visiting during the day! You can also reach by bicycle or hire a taxi. It’s also another perfect place to watch sunset (from a different landscape) with a stunning view.


La Rizière Buvette Restaurant

La Rizière Buvette

The Open Kitchen Concept

The goal of La Rizière Buvette is to serve local Inthar Cuisine, traditional Burmese food, as well as some Chinese and Thai fusion.

There is an open kitchen so that guests could see and enjoy the preparation and cleanliness of the food.

Loved the servers as they are professionally trained and super friendly!


La Rizière Buvette - Best place for sunset in Inle Lake

Food is sourced from their own vegetable garden – healthy and delicious. I recommend trying their Spring Onion Fritters or Tea Leaf Salad as a starter. For a main dish option, try their Rice with Fish or Chicken with Ginger Curry. You can never go wrong with the local favorite: Shan Noodle Soup.

Their drink menu is quite extensive with freshly squeezed juices to Avocado or Strawberry Smoothie. Also enjoy a variety of refreshing cocktails, wine or beer.

Traditional Food in Inle Lake
Rice with Fish. A Traditional Inthar Food

How to Get to La Riziére Buvette from the Main Town

La Riziére Buvette ( လယ္ေတာအိမ္) is located about a mile west of Nyaung Shwe (the main town of Inle Lake). The best way to arrive here is on bicycle, about a 10-15 minute leisure ride. Just ask anyone which way the path is to the Hot Springs is (45 minute from main town & 30 minutes out from the restaurant) and they’ll tell you! The bicycle ride itself is super peaceful and easy. There will be enough signs that point you to the restaurant.

Best place for sunset in Inle Lake

Find La Rizière Buvette on Facebook, TripAdvisor or contact the owner for any questions at


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