5 04, 2016

Published: Mystical India

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My Travel article as published in ARE Magazine, Spring Edition 2016 – Mystical India.

29 02, 2008

Mitraniketan Private Funded School – Vellanad

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Yesterday morning, I boarded the train to Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum) at 10:30 am.. About an hour ride.. and I just did not want to get off.. I love train rides, rickshaw rides... You get to see everything!!! The ticket was about $1.50.. when I got off.. I took a rickshaw to (check it out!) ... [...]

28 02, 2008

Lovely Expat Dinner in Varkala Beach

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I've spent 3 nights here and could easily stay longer. Its a lot more modern and catered to tourists but still a peaceful hidden city. I hear Kovalam is over-saturated with tourists and expensive hotels. This hotel here is costing me about 14$ a night. I'm about to check out and board the train to Trivandrum, [...]

27 02, 2008

Blissful Wednesday Morning in Varkala Beach

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I'm enjoying my days spent here in Varkala, a quaint beach town in the state of Kerala, India. I was awoken before sunrise by the sounds of hawks or some type of larger winged bird flapping, calling in the air. It is certainly the best type wake up call and the most comforting sound early [...]

26 02, 2008

Varkala Beach

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I'm here in Varkala.. gorgeous beach, definitely inhabited by tourists, families, couples, backpackers, and catered to tourists.. i like it tho, its peaceful. its the first place where I'm pretty content in being here. Next to backpackers traveling alone... I am envious of the young couples traveling together. That has been added to the ultimate [...]

25 02, 2008

South India Diaries: Leaving the Ashram

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I'm currently at Ama's Ashram in Kollam (Quilon). The driver Tomas dropped me off down here as our last stop. I have to say I was teary-eyed to see my companion go. Having spent just a day here, I am getting antsy here at Ama's Ashram. It's no one's fault other than my wanderlust to want [...]

25 02, 2008

Thekkady, India

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The Last Night in Thekkady The night before that I met with the 2 Canadians (Geoff & Paul), 2 french girls (Marion & Sarah) and a German gal (Danielle) at a local restaurant.. We asked the man in front if they sold beer, he said no, we asked again, he lured us in.. and in [...]

23 02, 2008

Periyar Wildlife.. Amazing Traveler Friends.. Ayurvedic Heaven

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Last night I took a nature walk through the forest from 7pm-10pm. It was a good way to pass time and exercise since I really haven't done much. I was hoping I'd lose some weight, but so far, I don't think I have. Or maybe I dont notice it. The food has been treating me [...]

22 02, 2008

Kerala Backwater Tour

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One of the highlights of traveling to South India is the Kerala Backwater Tour. Arrange a half-day casual tour, a luxury boat or romantic overnight ride. There is a customized tour for any type of traveler. Your hotel can arrange the Backwater Tour for you. Making Friends During my Backwater tour On the way to the [...]

20 02, 2008

First Morning in Cochin, Kerala

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Hello my friends, families, lovers.. I was irresponsible enough to not wear bug spray this morning before i went up to the upper deck for my lovely indian breakfast.. I chose to sit outside to observe the scenery, not thinking how attractive my legs were to the buggies in the area.. I dont have too [...]