Burma (Myanmar)

///Burma (Myanmar)
9 07, 2009

Trekking near Inle Lake

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Currently reading: Burmese Days by George Orwell I took my daily morning walk alone through the neighborhood. This time in search of an internet cafe. Found the one they recommended but it was down, so I sat in front listening to my ipod and burmese people-watched. Chad rented a bike for the day $1 and [...]

8 07, 2009

Beautiful Village – Inle Lake

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Arrived at bus stop at 4 am in Inle Lake. The bus eventually filled up with locals so it became tedious but thankfully I got some rest. The bus driver got a taxi for us, a pickup truck with a tarp over it.. it's a common form of transportation here, as you'll usually see a [...]

7 07, 2009

Awoken by Monks Chanting & a rooster’s Calling

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1000 kyat (burmese money), pronounced Chat = 1$ ---------------------------------- 2nd morning in Yangon, woke up around 5 am. It's the jetlag, but I love it, because I'm up at the crack of dawn and am ready for bed by 9 pm (never would happen back at home.. its more vice versa). I took a walk [...]

6 07, 2009

Peace of Mind in Burma

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Setting: Pouring rain outside, windows cracked a bit open. Listening to Oasis on my Ipod. Laying on my beaten bed in a family owned Guesthouse in Burma. What is it about this moment in time in a foreign country rarely anyone knows much about, that makes me feel so at Ease with my Mind & [...]