24 09, 2013

“Travels with Epicurus”

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An extract IĀ found in the back of the book "Travels with Epicurus" by Daniel Klein. A satirical irony of the mentality and outlook of Americans versus European Lifestyle. This is one of the best travel philosophy books I've picked up in awhile! Epicureanism as a Living Philosophy Today Aegean islanders like to tell a joke [...]

4 06, 2010

Is Santorini really the most Romantic Greek Island?

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We slept in past noon today, the first day we've done that. The weather got slightly better and warmer. We walked 15 minutes into the main town area to schedule our transportation to Athens. A 1-way flight would be 107 euros, but the travel agency gave us the option for an overnight ferry tonight to [...]

4 06, 2010

Oia, Santorini

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We arrived to the port around 7 pm, rented a small Hyundai for 25 euros a day from some major Greek hustlers. They also helped us arrange our accommodation stay at Fira Blue Horizon Guesthouse. We drove up the windy mountainous road to our hotel in Fira, the main city area, central location in Santorini. [...]

2 06, 2010

Drinking, Beaching and Eating in Mykonos

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Greece is known for its beautiful beaches. The big families. The history. The white Togas. The 'Alpha' sexy men, where the word among the rest of the alphabet roots from. The big weddings. The white adobe houses with blue painted windows. The donkeys perhaps. The hedonistic life. Simply, I just love to eat, drink and [...]

1 06, 2010

3 Days in Mykonos: A Hedonistic Society

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From Samos, we took the Ferry at 1:30 pm to Mykonos andĀ arrived at 7 pm. We rode the Hellenic Seaways (50$) Yacht which was nicer than any Yacht I've ever been on. The first 2 floors are work area and the 3rd/4th-floor are savvy parking lots for cars and motorcycles. The 6th and 7th floor [...]