7 08, 2012

Barcelona Siesta: The Beauty of Spanish Culture

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Barcelona has so much beauty: the arts, beaches to the tapas. But the most raw form of beauty is in it's laid back lifestyle starting with the Barcelona Siesta. You can feel the chill attitude of people, their laxed ways not found in the other half of the world. The Spaniards know how to live. [...]

4 08, 2012

When in Barcelona..

By | August 4th, 2012|Categories: Barcelona| as Barcelonians do! This is my first time in Spain. I've talked to dozens of my friends and have heard nothing but rave reviews of this quaint city. They all give me lists of things to do, museums to visit, Gaudi & Dali sites, tapas to try, wine to sip and so on. While [...]

26 07, 2012

August Jetsetting to Honduras & Spain

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  It's that time of year, my travel bug has activated beyond control in which no bug spray can diminish (c'mon, laugh! ha - ha). And so therefore, I must not fight against the wind and go with my heart, pack my rucksack and jet set. Or my preferable term, Gyp-set! Yay-ya!! I've gone on [...]

9 02, 2012

Live Fast, die Young..

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Bad Girls do it Well.                     I'm rocking out to M.I.A's latest hit "Bad Girls". Catchy beat & a visually exotic music video filmed in Morocco, the #1 country currently on my To-Travel list. Her latest controversy was her middle-finger at the Superbowl half-time performance with Madonna [...]

6 12, 2010

Euro:: Still a great time to Travel

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Remember 5 years ago when it seemed nearly impossible to travel to Europe because of the dollar being so weak? Virtually 2-1? Today, with the Euro being relatively weaker due to the Struggling Economies, it's now a much better time to travel! As shown on this chart, we're at about 1.35 - $1:

25 07, 2010

Eat, Pray, Love

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How many of you have read Eat, Pray, Love & have dreamt of blissfully drifting away to the 3 beautiful countries starting with 'I' -- Italy to fall in Love & indulge, India to seek Spirituality & Balance at an Ashram from 3am-noon, Indonesia for a Simple life on motorbikes & learning the culture? Disregard the [...]

4 06, 2010

Santorini – Most romantic Island?

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We slept in past noon today, the first day we've done that. The weather got slightly better and more warm. We walked 15 minutes into the main town area to schedule our transportation to Athens. A 1 way flight would be 107 euros, but the travel agency gave us the option for a overnight ferry [...]

4 06, 2010

Oia, Santorini

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We arrived to the port around 7 pm, rented a small Hyundai for 25 euros a day from some major Greek hustlers. They also helped us arrange our accommodation stay at Fira Blue Horizon Guesthouse. We drove up the windy mountainous road to our hotel in Fira, the main city area, central location in Santorini. [...]

2 06, 2010

Sexy Panormos Beach, northern Mykonos

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We awoke at 9am this morning, and put on our ipod to hear the songs stuck in our head. Jason Derulo "In my head" and Ludcaris "Break your heart". After the music woke us up, we got ready slowly and wandered down to Nicolas Restaurant again for brunch. I ordered the Octopus salad and Marissa [...]

2 06, 2010

Greek food: Fulfilled 1 of the 7 sins: GLUTTONY.

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Greece is known for it's beautiful beaches. The big families. The history. The white Togas. The 'Alpha' sexy men, where the word among the rest of the alphabet roots from. The big weddings. The white adobe houses with blue painted windows. The donkeys perhaps. The hedonistic life. The food here has stood out the most [...]