A Decade in Business & Travel

2016 has been an intrepid year in Travel Adventures. Flight prices were incredibly inexpensive and credit card points made it much more accessible to book travel. I hope this post inspires you to book a few trips in 2017! Travel as I’ve mentioned time and time again, does not need to be expensive. It can be …

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7 Books to Read Traveling to Jordan

If you are about to embark on a journey to Jordan, have always dreamt of traveling to Jordan, or have come back from the beautiful experience, I have compiled 7 books to read traveling to Jordan. These books provide some insight and history into the magical Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. While one can easily embrace their imagination, …

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Camping in Wadi Rum  وادي رم

Traveling to Jordan? Camping with Bedouins in Wadi Rum‎ is a MUST! Also known as “The Valley of the Moon”, Wadi Rum is one of the world’s most magical Desert Landscapes, a valley naturally cut into sandstone and granite rock. Whether you’re looking for a one or few night stay, for the budget traveler or the luxury, …

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