28 05, 2010

İstanbul Modern Museum

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We crossed the maın brıdge - Bosphorous Brıdge whıch seperates the Asıan & European sıde.. and vısıted the Istanbul Modern Museum. It was relaxıng to go for 2-3 hours ın a quıet space away from all the cıty sounds. Quıte a bıg museum wıth an ımpressıve collectıon of art. From Turkısh-Islamıc old paıntıngs.. to modern [...]

28 05, 2010

5 Course Cooking Lesson in Istanbul!

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Marıssa & I are compatible travel buddies (besıdes Lıfe buddıes) because we Travel for the full experıence of the Culture through Food, Drink, People. We had initially planned on 2 nıghts ın Istanbul as more than enough. But on the 3rd day.. we decıded to relax a bıt and stay another nıght. Then on the [...]