With Marc (MarcInTheWild.com). He mentioned “We decided that if we could take a girl to India and have her survive, Marry her immediately.”

Those are the exact thoughts of mine! Beyond the lists of “family oriented, funny, hard working, witty, tall, dark, handsome, philosophical, father material, good with your friends…” for my “ideal man”.. To put it quite frankly when friends ask, it’s a man that not only will try anything once, but can and desires to travel with me to the most rugged areas of the earth and be most certainly Delighted.

I’ve met a few men in the past who may have had it all on that LIST. I would then imagine myself in a hut with them in Zimbabwe and hunting local animals to eat, sparing no body parts as it could selfishly cause starvation among our tribe.

‘Will they get sick & cry to go home?’
‘Will they complain about the wooden floor?’
And usually, I didn’t think they could pass.

So I think we’ll reverse the answer then in “Whats your dream man?”. First you imagine that they can ruff it with you in the boonies & peasant street food.. which will probably eliminate 95% of men from the West – Americans & Europeans. I believe I need an Aussie… ELLO MATE!

Bob Marley

An Everlasting International Icon of Peace & Love. Who would have thought, even in a remote beach in Cambodia, that you would hear “Get up Stand up…), all the beats of Bob Marley, uniting & spreading love among us all!?

Intoxicants / Booze-tasting around the world:

Lao Beer comes in first. Burmese Cigars rolled by village women. Cambodian Whiskey “Mekong” which is only 15% in alcohol but yummy, 2$ a bottle. Burmese Whiskey was awesome too.

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