Daytime in Bangkok

Dutch Expat & Thai Massage

At our Hostel is an Information desk. A Guy & A girl from Denmark have been here for 2 years with their established tourism business called Jysk Tourism. They set up their business in many surrounding countries, answering questions at front desk, in hopes you buy a package from there. We didn’t buy anything but they were of great help as they’ve been around. We inquired about the best & cheapest thai massage in the area.

“You want JUST massage?”

“yes, please”

“Ok, here is a place you go to. Mention my name. They give you no trouble.”

We walked the few blocks into a small alley with 4 massage parlors. The lady in the front offers us the price list. 300 Baht for 1 hour. We tell her Kim sent us. She breaks out a huge smile, ear to ear, “You mean…. Meeester Keeemmm?” Yes we nodd. “Ohhhh, Okk (cannot hide her smile and excitement hearing his name), I give you guud price. 350 Baht for 90 minute.”

Fantastic!! Whatever this Dutch man has done, great, we get a discount. That’s 10$ for a 90 minute massage. We are lead to the 3rd floor massage room. Basically there are thin mattresses on the floor within mattress apart from each other and curtains that divide us. The massage I’d rate it a 5/10, but it was better than nothing.

Thai Lunch

We were approched by a Thai business man who runs the Shangri La 5 Star hotel near by. It’s his day off he says, he suggests this excellent Thai restaurant near by, the tuk tuk will take us for 20 Baht. Ok sure why not. We get there and it’s a Lavish seafood restaurant. We’re exhausted and tired so we agree to eat there, about 7$ a meal, the man gets commission off whoever he takes we assume. It ends up being a great meal, although feeling taken advantage of, and learning for the future. We got a Tom Yum Seafood & yellow curry Pork dish with a side of rice. Yum

After having a rather eventful day, went back and took a power nap. Wake up at 8 pm and good to go again to our Bangkok night adventures I had been looking forward to more than the day activities. We head to Khao San Road, which is known to be the most happening backpackers spot filled with bars and shopping. I’m no fan of Bangkok, but while I’m here, might as well make the most of it. The 1/3 mile alley is filled with delicious smelling food carts and trendy clothing/accessories. Im definitely coming back the night before departure to stock up! We stop at a Thai restaurant for dinner & our first Singha Beer (the National Thai beer).

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