Designers Bar: A Home for Artists & Dreamers

designers bar batroun

Located in one of the oldest cities in the world, Batroun is well known for its oceanfront resorts and beach bum bars. But during my last visit, I found a gem that became my go-to spot. The Designers Bar in Batroûn welcomes guests from all walks of life to its first exclusive handcraft bar. The design radiates a comfortable ambiance in which guests can relish amazing music while enjoying handcrafted appetizers. Sit back, relax, and enjoy all the goods that are offered, a place where you feel like home and get value for your money. Designers Bar is a home for Artists and Dreamers.

designers bar batroun

Designers Bar in Batroûn

You can find Designers Bar on the Coastal route towards Kafarabida, across from Barracuda Resort. Every single cocktail and appetizers made is crafted by hand and presented by God, as Charbel Nassour, the owner would put it. Charbel is a motivated Graphic Designer that left the Design Business several years back. He had an idea of creating a bar that is “American Style”, with the influence of his brother, “Roro”, who spent 15 years in Los Angeles before returning back to Batroun in 2019. Together, they turned this family concept of a bar into reality. Crafting with a passion and offering locals, ex-pats and travelers their “Dream Bar”.

As with any traditional Lebanese home, guests are the number one priority. Those visiting Designers Bar can choose their own music and even mix their own drinks (if they’d like). And play with a large selection of board games.

Designers Bar is typically open 6 days a week from 5:30 pm onwards. But check in on their Facebook page or direct message them for exact hours. When in Batroun, the town is so small that it’s easy to just walk or bike over to see what’s open on any given day of the week. The interior is small yet cozy, fitting about 6 people on the bar stools. And a couch area in the back for lovebirds. The patio fits up to a dozen people to enjoy the cool Mediterranean breeze.

Food and drink specials happen throughout the week such as half off Tuesdays or 50 cent wings.

“Feel Like Home” is not only a slogan, it’s a Fact

designers bar batroun
Charbel preparing some traditional Lebanese Food at Home

“Batroun is the home I was born and raised in. And I see a Bright Future for this City. Whenever you go to different places in Lebanon, something keeps attracting you to go back to Batroun. Maybe it’s the air, the friendly people.. or the peace of mind…”
-Charbel Nassour, owner of Designers Bar

batroun kids
Kids riding around the Designers Bar Tuk Tuk.. to School or the Beach?
designers bar batroun

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Address: Kafaraabida Route, CORAL STATION (Wardiyeh station)
Batroun, Liban-Nord, Lebanon 1400 (across from Barracuda Resort)

Phone: +961 70 128 002


fun bar batroun
My new Friends for Life: The Nassour brothers from Batroun. And the crazy Chaoui Brothers from Southern California!
designers bar batroun
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