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There is not a single country in the world that is better than the other. Friends can go into debate for hours over which is the best, but it all comes down to a matter of perspective. Just like with human beings, every single person, every soul has their own distinct character, passion, heritage, religion, flavors and purpose in life. Some people are naturally drawn to certain regions of the world, which can rarely be fully articulated. If past lives were a thing, I would believe that I lived somewhere along the Mediterranean floating to the Arab World and into South Asia. That is where my wanderlust has taken me annually in the past decade.

There are places I visit for the first time, and dejavu hits. I feel as though I’ve been there before. In a dream? In a past life? I am unsure, but that familiar feeling feels like a second home. I do love exploring everywhere and hope to see every country in this life time. But my goal isn’t to check off a list. It’s to visit villages and cities that call to me. Whether it’s annual visits to India and Italy which I absolutely love, or that scenic drive up the Pacific Coast Highway in my home state of California.

I encourage you to go places you are most drawn to. It will surely reveal things about yourself you may never otherwise discover. If traveling is not feasible at this time, read books.

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