In our last morning in Yangon, awoke at 6 am, got breakfast upstairs at White house hotel. The owner was kind enough to put us in the taxi ride with another traveler to save money. Everyday we meet a few travelers all with different interesting stories. I love all of them. This individual is a Chinese guy in his 20’s who had just finished a year working in Saudi Arabia in Consulting for the Government. He was now traveling SE Asia and about to head home to Venice Beach. We shared the ride to the airport and learned of each other’s stories.

The plane from Yangon to Bangkok was at 8:35am. Once we arrived in Bangkok airport, we had a flight to Krabi (Southern Thailand beach) for 1:30pm. We were lucky that they had a flight earlier that the airline would put us on so we boarded the 10:30am. I was a bit concerned for our checked in baggage since it was unclear when she asked us to check it in with Oversize baggage. We did anyways, got on the plane and got to Krabi. We got there around 1:30, and our baggage wasn’t there. We checked with customer service and they said it must have gotten on the other plane, what a bitch. She assured us that they’d ship our bags back as soon as she got it by 5, so we got on a taxi and head to Aung Nan, a beach town, and from there, headed on a boat (only way to get ehre) to where we are now Ton Sai beach. Ko Phi Phi is where my favorite movie THE BEACH was filmed, but its all along these islands. I have to say that upon arrival, I decided this is the prettiest most surreal beach I ever seen in my life. The water is aqua-greenish blue, with high cliffs that surrounds the water. Ton Sai is famous for rock climbing, so you see a buncha young people hanging off these rocks by a string.

It started to rain, so they said the baggage would get here the next day. We decided to check out the next beach over – Railay, which was a matter of a climb through the rocks beach front.. about 25 min.. The tides were coming up but we managed. At Railay, its more commercialized, more expensive hotels, more families and higher end travelers than backpackers.. We sat at a bar, i ordered Thai Whiskey ‘Sang Son’ – not so good but worth a try. Then we head back before dark.

Hung out at a bar by our hotel and met some more interesting people. I went to sleep by 10.

It started POURING monsoon rain all night, I could barely sleep. My PMS is kicking in and its not good company when you are trapped at a beach. This morning they said no boats would be able to get here nor can we get anywhere because of the weather. It seems almost Hurricane-ish how windy it is and how fast the currents are coming in.

Trying to stay positive. It’s 4 now, and our baggage wont be in until the weather condition improves. We have a flight out of Krabi to Bangkok on the 14th. I hope that we dont get trapped here longer than that or else we’ll have to spend another hefty bill on a one way flight out!

It’s Chad’s birthday today. He turns 27. I need to stay positive for him! All he wished for his birthday was some hot Swedish girls to magically be around. Unfortunately for him, most travelers we’ve come across are Hot Aussie boys or Hot French boys in pairs or 4’s (Very fortunate for me).. pretty girls only w their bf’s.. or dikey French girls w Dreads and tattoo’s. Maybe he’ll get lucky tonight if some hot European girls show up!

The beach is beautiful here but it does get boring since the population of locals and travelers amount to no more than 50-100 per beach.. There are several beaches along this shore.. with activities such as Scuba diving, rock climbing, snorkeling, diving, kayaking to do.. But when it’s raining, theres nothing u can do but to Read, or to drink.

I took a walk earlier to a used book shop to trade in this chick flick novel i jsut finished “Mr. Maybe” — I recommend all hopeless romantic girls to raed it… I got the book from Tiler for Xmas, as part of a book club she started. We’ll have to discuss wen im back. It’s extremely cheesy and extremely an easy read. The jist of it, is a girl in search of Love & marriage. And it’s a matter of whether you let yourself go with the guy who you have full chemistry with, but he lacks in the material things you’ve dreamt of for yourself in the future. And then meeting the man you’ve imagined yourself marrying, all perfect on paper but no chemistry there. It put a lot of things about your own life & hopeless romanticism into perspective.

The book store had a policy of trading in 2 books for one of their books. So i paid them half the price of a new book that I got, for $2 “The Piano Tuner”. It’s set around 1900 about a pianoist tuner from London who is ordered to a small village in Shan State, Burma (where we were at) to tune a piano for a Colonel there – for the pay of a year’s salary for 3 months there. And through his journey, he describes Burma back in that time, India, the colonies, etc, and whether or not he decides to go back to the life he knows or to stay. (that’s the synopsis i got from the back of the book.. I’ve yet to read it.)

That sums up my trip until now, we’re about to head back to our side of the beach TON SAI. (look up pictures on the internet for a clue of how beautiful it is!) hopefully the rain has stopped so we can get out of here tomorrow to stay on track of our travel plans. On to Cambodia – Siem Riep to see the Angkor Wat next on the 14th!!!

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