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I list the Best Travel Books to Read with categories of: Solo Female Travel, Solo Travel Adventure, Culture, How to Travel Affordably/Finance and Destination Guidebooks.

Featured Book of the Month:

Formosa Moon

taiwan travel bookAs a Taiwanese-American who visits the motherland regularly, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Formosa Moon is handsomely written by two expats who moved to Taiwan 20 years ago. It provides deep insight into Taiwan’s complicated history and present culture, through majestic descriptions of all the various corners, neighborhoods, street vendors and bountiful nature that this tiny island, formerly known as “Formosa”, has to offer.

Though Joshua and Stephanie are not natives, they’ve explored the country deeper than most writers and even locals have done in the past century. The passion is shown through the descriptive and witty writing style. It’s humorous, at times emotional and an addictive page-turner. Also having written for the Lonely Planet Taiwan guidebook, Joshua Brown surely knows a thing or two about Taiwan.

This book is highly recommended for those traveling to Taiwan, to get the imagination rolling of all the places to visit outside of the main touristic attractions of Taipei. Also for those confused and interested in Taiwan politics, ethnicity and culture, Formosa Moon shares insight outside of that which is superficially shown and skewed in the media. This is definitely one of the best Travel Books to Read in 2019.

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Female Inspired Travel Books

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Award-winning travel writers Kaila Yu and Kiki Wong have inspired thousands of followers and travel fanatics to explore the world and shared their stories on outlets such as FOX News, Forbes, VICE, and more. Let them show you the exact steps to take to live your life without boundaries. Written by my dear Travel Blogger/Influencer friends, they unveil useful tips on Traveling the Globe with 30 practical daily actions. This includes the million dollar question of how to afford to travel, budgeting, how to find more time, choosing your dream destination, travel hacks, importance of attending travel conferences, joining online travel communities and most importantly, how to work through limiting travel beliefs.

30-Day Travel Challenge is a spiritual, holistic, and practical guide to channeling more travel into your life.

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Best Travel Guide Books from My Favorite Countries

The Unguidebooks are an unconventional travel book series written by Mackenzie Freeman and her husband. These were created to give armchair and real-world travelers a sense of place rather than a list of places to go. Each volume features between 43 to 68 short stories and original photography. Unguidebooks give readers something special by putting a modern spin on the old phrase, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Every one of their stories is exactly 1,000 characters long, down to the last period. The first four books in The Unguidebooks series showcase stories about Hong Kong, Macau, Sydney, Melbourne and New Zealand’s South Island:

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