Relaxation Pool at Dolphin Reef, Eilat

Dolphin Reef Eilat

On my third trip to Israel, I discovered the ultimate Hippie & Relaxation experience, a paradise I could perhaps disappear to for quite some time. A Spa in a Treehouse on a Beach, in the southern tip of Israel, situated in the beach town of Eilat. This spa literally blew my mind out of the water and felt as if some elves on shrooms & unicorns transported me into a parallel universe that only allows Hedonism. To find this spa is a complete trip too! This spa, I introduce to you.. 

Relaxation Pool in Dolphin Reef!

First, you have to find a mini-Disneyland meets Seaworld on a beach called Dolphin Reef, which is within walking-distance to the border of Jordan. So if you drive too far, you may easily end up in Jordan.




Once you enter, you’ll find a mini amusement park of sorts for families with children to vacation at on holidays and weekends, that sits on a large private beach with activities offered such as Scuba Diving, Swimming with Dolphins, Kayak and Boating, available. Walk past all these wild activities down a bamboo framed path, and up the stairs into a Treehouse. Now you have arrived at the Spa they call “Relaxation Pools“.





Check in at the front where young, attractive Israelites hang out with beautiful Bartenders serving specialty cocktail concoctions and Baristas serving coffee/tea, and a full food menu. Colorful, bohemian decor with low couches to lounge at, free-wifi access to get work done and even a few kittens roaming around half-dazed.





“Water Spa Treatment”

We had appointments for their special “Water Spa Treatment”. Enter the private area where photography is not allowed with your bikini, to 3 large pools sectioned off next to each other: a Fresh Water Pool, an Ocean Pool, and a Dead Sea Pool. Take your pick and enter as a pretty Masseuse meets you with a friendly smile and floats you on your back for a 30 minute therapy session. I picked the Fresh Water Pool. As you begin to settle onto your back float, they recommend that you fully immerse your ears in as there are soothing underwater music. Ahhhh… sooo Magical.


The therapist begins a series of subtle massages that relaxes you into what I’d consider a R.E.M. paradise stage in which I cannot explain in words and wish happened more in my life, as I quickly feel mesmerized and fall in and out of various stages of sleep and dream stages. This was one of the most relaxing 30 minutes of my life! After the therapy was done, you have the choice to stay in the water, roam around to the bar, or coffee table where you can make your own freshly squeezed orange juice or tea, relax on the couch or take a nap.




I could have easily spent a weekend here. So Romantic too. I can’t wait to go back to this magical place, some time very very soon.





To find out more information about this magical spa, visit Relaxation Pools at Dolphin Reef Eilat to make an appointment.

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