Missing our Flight by 10 minutes

We missed our flight by 10 minutes this morning. Was at the airport at 6:40 am, gate closed at 6:30. Our flight to Burma is non-refundable.

We walk outside, after 10 minutes of silence and regrets, we got back up and revised our plan:
-Wait til tomorrow for another flight? (there’s only one a day from Air Asia which we were flying). Hell NO! We couldn’t stand one more minute in this city!
-Fly to another country? Laos or vietnam now? But then we’d lose our way back flight too.
-Go to another city near by Bangkok then go tomorrow morning to Burma?

After browsing through our options, we thought maybe by luck, theres another flight to Burma today, but another airline? We go inside, only thing available is Bangkok Airway, for 150$ one way, it was 40$ one way when we booked. We decided to take it. Money lost, but time is money, and easily a weekend tab out with the friends in Los Angeles.

They say life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react. I feel lucky to have a positive attituded travel buddy. We moved right along, in exchanging crisp new bills for Burma (they’re very strict over there with currency exchange), and bought an international Charger. In the airport now and about to board.

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