Namaste India! Global Yoga Day.

Imagine a day this Summer where individuals from all over the world come together.
Quiet their minds. Send all their Positive Energy to one cause.
A cause which encourages Girl’s Education & Gender Equality.
Feel that Karmic vibration. Let’s do it.

Dear fellow Yogi, Studio Owner, Friends, Family, my respected Global community,

This past weekend was one of the best weekends of my life. We had an informational-packed weekend at the cozy, Chaminade Resort, Santa Cruz with my Room to Read family. 65 Chapter leaders from around the world from Tokyo, to Sydney, to Zurich, came together to brainstorm ways we could reach our mission faster on Eliminating Illiteracy & Global Inequality in this world. Every day a child cannot attend school is another day lost.

Yoga for Charity

I have been passionate about fundraising for Room to Read through creative events & awareness via social media, friends/families, me babbling to you about it. Thanks to the Zurich chapter, they have come up with an incredible event on Saturday, June 16, 2012 called “Namaste India!”. Essentially a Yoga for Charity where chapters around the world will ask Yoga studios, Yoga teachers and Yogis to get involved in a donation-based class. This could be done at a studio, a park, a school, the beach, at home, etc. My personal goal is to get at least 10 Yoga classes in the Los Angeles area involved. And I need your help! I mean, isn’t a huge part of our Yoga practice to give back to the world we live in and spread positive energy!? Cool, glad to have caught your attention!

Get to Know Room to Read

793 million people in the world are illiterate. 67 million primary-school aged children are out of school & over 70% of them are in Asia & sub-Saharan Africa. Room to Read is involved in 10 countries which all started in Nepal in 2001 by the wonderful founder John Wood (read his book: Leaving Microsoft to Change the World). As a result of Room to Read’s success, more than 6 million children have been provided better access to education, 1600 schools & 15,000 libraries have been built. Most importantly, 13,160 girls that otherwise would not have had the opportunity to attend school are now being supported by Room to Read’s Girl’s Education program.

room to read yoga for charity

On June 16, 2012, Namaste India aims at raising $37,500. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to provide Girl’s annual scholarships in India. The concept is a donation-based class any time of that day. The yoga for charity will be a 60-90 minute class ($20-30$ suggested per Yogi). And have family/friend/corporate organizations to sponsor them individually. I am reaching out to see whether you’d like to host your own Yoga event. Or would be available that day to attend a studio and spread the word to friends/family. As the event gets closer, I will update you on Yoga Studios/teachers on board.

Learn more about Room to Read. And please visit the Namaste India website for more info. Here’s an amazing article written by our Zurich chapter leader Juli Bailer who was kind & creative enough to set up Namaste India, “Removing obstacles, Fostering Compassion, and practicing Asteya“.

Please Email me at or Facebook me if you are interested. I would love to meet with you to help you in set up this wonderful cause. Thank you for your time and positive energy.

With Love,

Room to Read LA Chapter Volunteer

Participating Yoga for Charity Studios in Los Angeles:

yoga for charityWhen: Saturday, June 16, 2012 @ 12 Noon
Where: Yogis Anonymous, 1221, 2nd St. Santa Monica, CA 90401

Please join founder of Yogis Anonymous Ally Hamilton, and the awesome Kourtney Kaas for a co-taught 90-minute yoga class benefiting Room to Read, with Live DJ Philip Steir. Yummy snacks & and a great raffle afterwards. Please call Yogis Anonymous (310-451-9644) or email to reserve a spot.

yoga for charityWhen: Saturday, June 16, 2012 @ 8:00-9:30am
Where: Bhakti Yoga Shala, 207 Arizona Avenue Santa Monica, CA 90405Molly Ole will be teaching Bhakti Vinyasa flow ~ A celebration, if you will. BHAKTI YOGA SHALA is dedicated to the path of “Bhakti Yoga”… the path of love, devotion, service, truth, and gratitude.
Note:: The farmers market is right outside, so you can shop after or before your Yoga practice!
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