Oia, Santorini

We arrived to the port around 7 pm, rented a small Hyundai for 25 euros a day from some major Greek hustlers. They also helped us arrange our accommodation stay at Fira Blue Horizon Guesthouse. We drove up the windy mountainous road to our hotel in Fira, the main city area, central location in Santorini. The hotel looks like a shady dilapidated abandoned building, but we’re OK thus far.

We picked up a map of Santorini and drove half hour to Oia. From the road we took, we were totally confused at how Santorini could be known as the most romantic island ever. Mykonos was much more beautiful. The windy roads we took passed through dead weed fields which looked like middle-America farm land. The weather was gloomy, the ocean was dark.

Finally we arrived, and spotted people. Middle-age to older couples and families on top of buildings with cameras shooting the sunset. We followed the crowd and found the perfect look out spot. The most beautiful sunset spot I’ve ever seen in my life, surrounded by pretty white windmills and white Greek buildings.

We found a lavish rooftop cafe and enjoyed a pitcher of red Sangria until the sun disappeared. We headed more into the little villagey town and went shopping. If I haven’t mentioned, Greece has great shopping along with the amazing food, drinks and islands!

We had asked our waiter at the rooftop cafe to recommend a restaurant, he suggested Poka (pronounced Roka) for authentic Greek food. It took a bit to find this mysterious restaurant. But alas, we found, in a parallel street to the main road. Small, cute, authentic. I had the Mushroom Risotto – not Greek but still too yummy for words.

Afterwards we went back to Fira (the city) and had some drinks at Tropical bar. The music at every bar in Greece has been up to date and lovely!!! Of all genre’s.

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