11 Practical Travel Gifts

Wondering what practical travel gifts to buy for the globe-trotters in your life? I’ve created a list of gift ideas for the Holidays, Birthday or a “Just Because” present. These are affordable and practical items that I personally own and take with me on every trip. And I’m confident that your traveler buddy would cherish and use them too!

Practical Travel Gifts for the Wanderlust in your Life

Sunscreen & Bug Repellent 2 in 1

There are a few philosophies I think we can all agree on:

  • Always packing sunscreen to protect our skin from harmful UV radiation
  • Bug Repellent for those camping trips, warm weather or tropical destinations with just too many bugs
  • Going Organic and Natural
  • Packing Light

This is why I absolutely love the Greener Way SPF 30 Sunscreen & Bug Repellent, 2 in 1. This product has been an absolute must in my carry on (as it’s only 3 oz each bottle). This sunscreen & bug repellent is ALL NATURAL – free from DEET, alcohol, and Paraben. It is also water-resistant with a natural fresh scent and an absolute practical travel gift for every single wanderlust and camper in your life!

Buy the 2 pack for $13.49 on Amazon.
Prefer the Spray version? Buy the 3 pack here!


“Clip-On Light” for Smartphones

I take this small clip-on light everywhere I go. While the light is named “selfie light”, I use it to take photos of food! Since the ‘flash’ on our smartphones aren’t always the best way to light up the setting, this light is much needed for every traveler and foodie with 4 different light settings to click from! It’s light and small enough to fit in your clutch or pocket.

Buy it for $13.99 on Amazon.

best scratch off world map

Landmass Scratch-Off World Map

Travelers love to tell stories of their adventures. This scratch-off world map with flags helps tell as well as preserve travel memories. Scratch off cities traveled to while hearing tales of your friend’s experiences. Plan for the next dream destinations. The Landmass Travel Tracker map displays 210 flags of the world and includes both terrain data and state outlines for Australia, Canada, and the USA. There are various sizes and styles to choose from and can easily be hung in the bedroom or by the bookcase in the living room!

There are also options for tailoring a map to a specific city, for example, their hometown. The best part? 10% of all profits go to Fund for Education Abroad and National Geographic toward study abroad scholarships and non-profits that increase geographic literacy!

Buy a Landmass World Map starting at $25!

practical travel gifts

Noise Cancelling Headphones

There’s a quote that says “Once luxury tried, becomes a necessity”. This is surely a luxury item and the case for these Noise-Cancelling Headphones. Though the hefty price of $349 can be intimidating at first, it is well worth every penny based on its quality and outcome. These secure, comfortable headphones cancel the majority of outside noise whether you’re on the plane, train or taxi. Especially while flying, a frequent traveler absolutely needs these to block out aviation noises and crying babies. In addition, this new version of noise-canceling headphones is Alexa-enabled for voice access to music, information, and more.

Buy it for $349 on Amazon.
(There are cheaper options with other brands too, such as Sony for also $349
or the stylish Boltune in White/Cream color for $89.99

CBD Oil to Help Jetlag and Relaxation

practical travel gifts

I’ve never been much of a pot smoker but I started taking CBD Oil drops (under my tongue) to help me sleep better. To my surprise, I have become absolutely obsessed with its outcome and have learned a lot about the benefits of CBD for our mind and body. This bottle should last about 1 month if used daily or longer if used occasionally. Why is it a practical travel gift? It helps travelers relax and fall asleep on planes. An absolute essential in every traveler’s carry on, and yes it is legal to fly with. CBD Oil can also be used to aid in jet lag. Some people even take it in the morning with their coffee to feel more alert, so it’s quite versatile in its benefits!

Get your Hemp on and purchase a bottle of CBD Oil here starting at $45.

Chary: Best Personal Alarm Keychain

Chary is in my purse and with me wherever I travel. It’s an adorable, yet affordable life-saving device officially called the “CHARY Self-Defense Alarm”. In case I feel that I’m in danger at any point, I can press the button for a loud alarm sound. Or I can pull the pin out, throw it far, so that the loud sound continues to go off. This way, if you’re being attacked and the criminal tries to grab it, the loud sound will continue to go off (attracting attention) without the pin.

Buy this very practical and necessary Personal Alarm Keychain for only $11.99.

practical travel gifts

Merrell Hiking Boots

Whether one is an avid hiker or just loves to roam while traveling, every traveler needs a pair of practical sturdy hiking boots. They can be worn casually as walking shoes as it has a firm grip for any terrain or environment. These shoes come with removable insoles, breathable mesh lining and protective rubber toe cap provide ultimate support.

Buy his or her Hiking Boots by Merrell starting at $100.

practical travel gifts

Fair Trade Travel Tote Bag which Empowers Women in India

Shop ethically by buying from Fair Trade companies! Kristeen Singh, founder of RHope has traveled extensively throughout India. Since settling back to the US, she has continued on her mission of empowering women from disadvantaged social-economic backgrounds by selling items from a co-op located in a slum community in Punjab via Chhoti Si Asha. rHope sells purses, wallets, and notebooks made by hard-working women who are paid at a fair wage in a safe, supportive environment. rHope’s Purpose is to empower the artisans who make beautiful products as well as the consumers who purchase them.

Kristeen believes that being fashionable and conscious of how your purchases are produced go hand in hand. rHope only partners with organizations that follow fair trade practices. Selling the products on the website provide a market place in the US to support livelihoods for these women. In addition to helping them earn income, purchasing these items help the women and their families raise their standard of living in a holistic way. The NGO, Chhoti si Asha which supports this co-op also teaches them to save, budget, get proper health care, build confidence, gain leadership skills and work well as a team. Here are the bios of just 2 of 60+ women who work hard to make these beautiful bags.

Shop these beautiful Travel Tote Bags at rHope starting at $20!

Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Straw

practical travel giftsSave your travel buddy money by gifting them a reusable Stainless Steel Water Bottle by Hydro Cell! You’d also help save the environment since it’s reusable, which in turn uses less plastic. This water bottle also comes with a built-in straw. This way, one will save money and the environment wherever they go in the world by refilling the water bottle with filtered water.

Buy it on Amazon for $22.99!



Mandala Round Tapestry Hippie Beach Towel

practical travel gifts

This beautiful Bohemian Beach Towel is versatile in that you can use it as a shower or beach towel, picnic table mat, meditation rug, light blanket, beach cover-up and so much more! Only 19.99 for 2 of them, it’s light and easy to pack up in luggage and carry-on.

Buy these set of 2 Versatile Mandala Beach Towel for 19.99.


All-new Kindle Paperwhite Waterproof with 2x the Storage

practical travel gifts

Most travelers I know are also avid readers. To compact space in the luggage, Kindles have been a major saving factor which is light and convenient, a very practical travel gift. This new Kindle is waterproof which means you can read while lounging in the pool! The new version is double the storage as the previous generations which means one can store hundreds of books in there! It reads like paper and is the thinnest and lightest Kindle and the single battery lasts for weeks. Built-in adjustable light works perfectly for indoor, outdoor or night settings.

Buy the newest Waterproof Kindle for $129.99.
(or less storage & non-waterproof for $89.99)

Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases.

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