10 Ways to Stay Fit while Traveling Abroad

Staying fit while traveling abroad is vital as it could make or break your travel experience. In a previous post, I wrote about How to Stay Healthy while Flying. Without good health and energy, it would be difficult to fully enjoy our Travel Adventures that we’ve worked so hard for. Being on the road is also no excuse to let yourself go (unless you want to), although I am all about enjoying all the good food and drinks the local destination has to offer. While staying healthy and fit, you will have more opportunities to reap optimal benefits and be immersed into the local culture. I have compiled 10 Ways to Stay Fit while Traveling.

staying fit while traveling
Horse riding in the wild in Cusco, Peru.

Staying Fit While Traveling Abroad

  • Take a Walking Tour. Many cities in Europe and around the world offer walking tours, with local tour guides you can hire, or even audio tours you can download ahead of time that will take you to all the major destinations. There are also biking, boating and Segway tours.
Walking Tour of Paris, France.
staying fit while traveling
Pick a sturdy bike for a 25 kilometer ride through Bali, Indonesia.
  • Find a local park, beach, lake, anything outdoors with space to jog or walk in the morning. It’s a great way to start off your day with a clear mind, and a way to immerse yourself even more into the culture and take in the surroundings.
Take a boat out from Roatan, Honduras, or jog along the Beach.
staying fit while traveling
Visiting the homes of School Children enrolled in the Room to Read Girl’s Program in Oudomxay, Laos.
  • Walk around and stretch on the plane (of course when the seatbelt light is not on). Our bodies can become easily numb and our blood all rushing to our feet. By walking and stretching, you can reverse this.
  • Find local Fitness classes, such as Yoga or their local specialty: Krav Maga in Israel, Reiki Yoga/Healing in India, Muy Thai in Thailand, Capoeira in Brazil, Kite Surf in Belize or Tai Chi in China.
staying fit while traveling
Handstands at Wanderlust Yoga Festival, Squaw Valley, Lake Tahoe
  • Seek for healthier alternatives in food. The best way to experience a culture is to eat what they eat. Oftentimes, you will be able to find healthier options, or replace a meal with juice or fruits.
Carmel Market (Shuk Ha’Carmel), outside of Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Go Dancing at night! Another great way to experience the culture is through exploring the nightlife. While more often than not, this will be accompanied with alcohol, you could at least dance off some calories!
  • Opt to take the stairs instead of elevator or escalator. This applies back at home & work too, whether it’s 2 flights or 8 flights of stairs, it will only help boost your energy! A lot of old towns have also preserved their beautiful staircases.
Exploring Old Jaffa Port by way of stairs along hidden alleys in Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Meditate. Meditate any where you are, in the morning, on a bus, while walking, or before bed. This will keep your mind sane, amidst all the potential chaos of being in a new space with so many exotic things. A healthy mind will translate into a healthy body.
At Peace in the Negev Desert of Israel, before going Sandboarding
  • Pack Vitamins. While abroad, you may be eating food we are not use to. By taking vitamins, you can replenish some nutrition that are lacking from the change of food variety. Vitamin C is key to boost your immune system to avoid getting ill.
  • Most of all, relax and keep a positive attitude at all times. By having a positive attitude and being grateful every day, everywhere you go, your mental and physical health will always be better. Ever notice that happier people tend to get sick less? Enjoy your life & travels!
Roaming the desert during Sun Rise at Osian Desert Camp, an hour away from Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India


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