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17 08, 2014

A Modern Cooking Class in Cusco

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"The Best Way to Someone's Heart is Through Their Stomach” One of the highlights of Peru was the delicious food, fresh ingredients and friendly people. In all my Travel itinerary, I always try to squeeze in a Cooking Class. There's no better way to dive deep into their culture than to learn of the local ingredients, cooking techniques and spend time [...]

28 05, 2010

Cooking Alaturka in Istanbul

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Marissa & I are the perfect compatible travel buddies because we Travel for the full experıence of the Culture through Food, Drink, People. We had initially planned on 2 nights ın Istanbul as more than enough. But on the 3rd day.. we decided to relax a bıt and stay another night. Then on the fourth [...]

25 08, 2009

Quick Italian Recipes

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I love Italian Food. Here are a few quick - 30 minutes or less recipes. Impressive Party Appetizers too: Pesto Pasta: -Boil Spaghetti or Linguini in salted water, then drain-Add Pesto (I got Basil Pesto sauce), sprinkle chopped up basil, squeeze lemon, sprinkle red pepper.. (optional) top with Parmesean cheese (optional) Grilled Chicken breast on [...]