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20 04, 2019

12 Savvy Finance Tips So You Can Travel More

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Building "financial wealth" may be one of the most pondered about topics in the world. For some, it's an everlasting mystery tied in with a life of struggle. For others, it's an addicting and fascinating game. In this post, I share ideas on how to save money and build wealth with 12 savvy finance tips so [...]

20 12, 2018

Financial Advice to Travel in 2019

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Every few days, I get messages on social media platforms and emails from friends, acquaintances and strangers on how I afford to travel so much. I'm pretty sure every frequent traveler gets these questions, often with skepticism and suspicion. They assume one must be 'rich' to do so, or have 'rich parents' or 'rich spouses'. [...]

1 10, 2018

Financial Freedom through Real Estate

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Want Financial Freedom and be able to Travel the World? Invest in Real Estate. Through my personal experience, I write a practical intro on how to do so!

2 05, 2011

How I Afford to Travel in my 20’s

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"How do you afford to Travel so much?" I get asked this question all the time through friends, clients, acquaintances and even random emails from people across the world. The famous Vagabond travel writer Rolf Potts wrote an article on how he affords travel as a 40 year old male, a journalist and an accomplished [...]

13 03, 2009

Recession is a Terrible Thing to Waste!

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Now I hope the negative media is not bringing you down, because the news will report on whatever brings in the most viewers, meaning extremities. I have compiled some exciting facts/statistics from Brian Buffini's website. This will help you realize that instead of panicking about the economy, to use this Recession as an Opportunity. US [...]