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2 12, 2014

Noodletown: “Koreatown LA”

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"Noodletown" is a show I write & co-host all about Food, Culture & Neighborhood in Asian Neighborhoods throughout the United States. On our 7th episode, my co-host Jim Park & I visit Koreatown, Los Angeles. This is our most informative and best episode to date. We arrive conveniently via Metro Station stop at Western & Wilshire. [...]

24 03, 2014

Renewed Inspiration of a Travel Blogger

By | March 24th, 2014|Categories: Los Angeles|Tags: , |

Today, I had the honor of meeting Dave Thompson, the founder of Dave's Travel Corner, one of the oldest Travel blogs around (since 1996). Don't get me wrong, Dave's not old, just that the internet wasn't around much longer prior to that. We are talking about big boxy computers and dial up days. We met [...]

5 09, 2013

Travel Show: Hawaii Noodle Town

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AREAA's Noodle Town | Episode 4: Waikiki Jim Park and Jacki Ueng explore Waikiki, Hawaii to learn about the Food, Culture and Neighborhood. Visits in this Oahu Travel and Food Show include a visit to Ramen Nakamura, specialized Martini's at Roy's Hawaiian Fusion, and Food Trucks at Honolulu Night Market.