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A Solo Female Travel + Food + Culture Blog

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A Solo Female Travel + Food + Culture Blog

Jackie is a travel journalist, blogger & influencer as well as a “Title Rep” for Ticor Title. I’ve made my dream into a reality, taking 6-10 international trips a year and a dozen domestic trips. Focused on Solo Female Travel, Culture, Ethnic Food, and California Life through the eyes of a Cultural Anthropologist.

This blog takes you Off the Beaten Path through Ethnography, Travel Tips, Photography, Videos and a guide to all the Adventures I’ve experienced, hoping it will inspire you to Travel the World.

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Simple Tea Egg Recipe

One of the many things I look forward to when visiting my motherland of Taiwan is the Tea Eggs that we buy as street food

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Bohemian Vagabond is focused on Solo Female Travels, Off the Beaten Path Destinations, Local Culture, Ethnic Food, and California Life through the eyes of a Cultural Anthropologist.

Jacki Ueng, the founder of Bohemian Vagabond, is a passionate Globe Trotter, Gypsy, Nomad with a Love of the Water and Warm Weather. Maybe it’s the Scorpio in her. Or that Wanderlust Gene. Completely obsessed with indulging in street food around the world and immersing in the local culture through the lens of a Cultural Anthropologist.