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Interviewed by: Ric Gazarian of (July 2019)


Big Blend Radio Travel Show

On this episode of Big Blend Radio, Jacki Ueng “Bohemian Vagabond” discusses her global adventures and travel writing career focused on solo female travel.

Having visited over 50 countries, Jacki approaches travel as an anthropologist, documenting traditions, ethnic food and culture. She’s on a mission to inspire young women to travel more, and through her blog and print articles, shares travel safety and budget tips, along with the various destinations she visits around the world, and in Los Angeles where she’s based. Keep up with her travels at“.

Interviewed by: Lisa SmithPark Traveler, Publisher & Radio Host (September 2019)

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Travel Tales Podcast

What’s a Bohemian Vagabond according to  travel/lifestyle blogger Jacki Ueng?

A seeker of out of the way places who likes to rough it, but also has a taste for culture and really good food.

Jacki is a California native who funds 6-10 major international trips a year through her flexible career in real estate, and also travel hacks points and miles to boot. Her blog specializes in adventurous solo female travel. With recent trips to Iran, Morocco, Lebanon, India and Malaysia prove she’s not afraid to go off the well-worn tourist path. Jacki has great Tales and travel advice. Come along for the ride!”

Interviewed by: Mike Siegel, Comedian and Avid Traveler of Travel Tales Podcast (September 2019)

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Johnny Jet’s Travel Style Interview

Interview with famous Travel Writer, Johnny Jet:


Interview with Adam Francisco of Be Free My Sheeple

The Inspirationals #6: Bohemian Vagabond, A Solo Female Traveler:

“This week I interviewed Jacki Ueng – the Bohemian Vagabond – a solo traveler and content creator from America’s greatest city Los Angeles. She’s traveled through over 50 countries and she chronicles her journeys on her website and her Instagram @BohemianVagabond. Her mission is to “inspire every earthling on this planet” but more specifically to inspire young women to travel more both on a budget and to travel safely. I understand why many women are hesitant to travel solo, but Jacki is a seasoned veteran proving that with a little research ahead of time and some common sense, you can travel freely and safely.”

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