Travel Accessories

Basic Accessories Recommended for Every Traveler

—Finding the perfect companion, Luggage!! It’ll be your best friend if you find the perfect, durable one. One that will match any outfit and have the right compartments that suits you.

Since my focus is on Backpacking, check out North Face Backpacks all over the internet for lower prices and in actual stores. I have 2, One for my longer trips, and a smaller one for a week trip to a sunny spot without much clothing necessary.

Money Pouch Most countries that have frequent tourists visiting, robberies are quite common. That’s why it’s safe to carry a money pouch tucked in under your clothing, or a money belt.

Ear Plugs For the plane, long train rides, loud hotels. Trust me, Pack them!!

Vitamins Vitamin C, Airbourne, your daily vitamins. It’s easy to catch a cold in a climate different from your own and when certain destinations have a more crowded people interaction on the streets.

—A Lovely Journal. It’s the day in age of Blogging, but I’ve always found a journal to be a pleasant companion to jot down personal thoughts at any given time. Or to re-evaluate your life & your goals on paper. Sometimes it’s on vacation when your mind becomes more clear!

Must Pack

—If you wear contact lenses, an extra pair even if you’re only going for a week. If one side rips, you’re screwed!
—Bug spray if you’re going to any place near the water
—Hate to sound like your mama, but a First Aid’s Kit: Bandages, rubbing alcohol, advil, medicine
—Your country’s Embassy contact info in the country you’re visiting and where you are from in case of emergency