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Today, I had the honor of meeting Dave Thompson, the founder of Dave’s Travel Corner, one of the oldest Travel blogs around (since 1996). Don’t get me wrong, Dave’s not old, just that the internet wasn’t around much longer prior to that. We are talking about big boxy computers and dial up days. We met over Spicy Miso Ramen at Daiko-kuya on Sawtelle in Los Angeles, with his good pal Emil Tedeschi, owner of Tedeschi Family Winery in Napa Valley.

Like many other travel bloggers, we had followed each other’s articles and social media online for a few years. Any time travelers meet, there is always¬†an immediate bond because of this shared passion. The Travel Blogging community is quite small, despite its vast existence among this humongous world. Dave has succeeded as one of the most famous Travel Bloggers with over 400k followers on Twitter and been sponsored by some huge names. He’s been an inspiration and has now become a mentor.

Travel Bloggers Inspiration

Dave had been kind enough to put me in touch recently with Richard Bang, “Keep the Quest Alive“, a Travel TV host with his own PBS show and published Travel Books. I also had the delight to meet Ally Quest, a Travel Host focused on Wineries & History over brunch. Ideas shared. Through meeting these kindred wanderlust souls over a blessed meal, renewed my inspiration and motivation to continue blogging and filming Travel Videos.

2014 Travel Plans
This year, I have a NY Business trip planned in April, but on my little downtime, will be filming a “Noodle Town” episode in one of the largest populated Asian population in America. I have a potential trip to Sri Lanka & India in July. In October, I have booked a volunteer trip to Laos with 19 other Room to Read Chapter Leaders to a 5day trip visiting schools we’ve fundraised for, meeting chapter leaders & students and discussing ways of improving. After Laos, I am still debating where to spend a few more days in Asia before heading back. Thinking maybe Bali, Indonesia since I have never been, or Halong Bay, Vietnam.

Morocco is still #1 on my mind, with Cuba creeping up close. Italy is still one of my favorite countries in the World which I don’t mind visiting annually. I’d love to spend a week in Amalfi Coast boating with a chute of Prosecco in hand, sun bathing on a boat, indulging in delicious Gluten & Dairy delicacies (which people in the US have been increasingly shying away from).

I love Traveling. It’s a strong addiction.
To find your true passion is a blessing.
To inspire others through your passion makes a life worth living.
I hope I can continue to inspire you to travel the world.
Really, it’s that do-able, especially while you’re still young.

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