Travel Product Review: Epic Wipes

Feeling dirty after an epic adventure or long day on the road? Whether your wanderlust takes you camping in the Sahara desert of Morocco, surfing in Bali, or staying at a low-budget guesthouse in the middle of Laos, showers and water are not always available in all accommodations. An awesome alternative to cleaning your body is through Epic Wipes!

Epic Wipes

Epic wipes is a high-quality, towel sized, bamboo wet wipe that is are individually packaged life-size wet towel. The founder, Dr. Aeneas Janze, came up with the idea when he was stationed in Afghanistan during a hot summer day. While deployed, he visited combat outposts without any showers. As a doctor, he quickly recognized that soldiers health suffered when hygiene suffered. Most soldiers tried to make do with wet wipe showers. But as you can imagine, showering with a million little wipes wasn’t very satisfying. Dr. Janze noticed that his fellow soldiers needed something they did not have. When showers were unavailable, they needed a portable yet powerful way to clean up and feel ready for what might come next.

static1.squarespaceBiodegradable and Toxin Free Wipes

For the last three years, he’s been working at perfecting the design for the largest, highest quality, bamboo, towel sized wet wipe. Epic wipes are made of biodegradable materials, are toxin free and contain antibacterial essential oils. The massive wet wipes which is 16x larger than the average wet wipe, are gentle on your body and respectful of our Earth. They could become a staple in the most seasoned traveler’s backpack for any adventure! From time spent adventuring off the beaten path to a quick clean-up before hopping on a plane, bus, or train.

My boyfriend tried it out after a day playing polo and felt refreshed and clean enough to meet friends for a night out! They are compact and easy to pack in your luggage as I brought 2 for my current trip in Croatia and Sri Lanka. Works great for those “just in case” days, and without the sticky residue that many other wipes have.


The Kickstarter just launched and I highly recommend trying them out. You can order some Epic Wipes for your next trip or a day at the beach through pledges at different levels. There is also an option to donate boxes to the US Troops or The American Red Cross. So not only are you staying clean, but also giving back!

Individual wipes will cost $2.99 while a box will be $29.99 with free shipping.


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