“Vidya” from the word “Veda” meaning Truth.

In Sanskrit, Klesah means Obstacles. Avidya means Ignorance or Misperception, which comes from illusions. I’m learning these concepts during my path of deeper Yoga studies. In the Bhagavad Gita, it is noted that all sufferings and limitations imposed by the ego come from Avidya. We have to seek knowledge, with which hatred, injury and greed are incompatible.

Food for thought:¬†Could it be that that which we don’t like in this world, we don’t understand? In hopes that this thought will encourage us to seek more knowledge from outside our realm & live a more compassionate life.

This is what travel & books do for us. News do sometimes, but you have to also realize that the news rely on ratings. It doesn’t have our ‘enlightenment’ or ‘peace of mind’ as a priority. Especially today, when our country is having war with the middle east. When we watch the news and see that the middle east is fighting amongst each other. When we see drug wars in Mexico. When we don’t understand communism in China, or poverty in Africa. It’s not to say that one will ever fully understand this world. There’s no way, there’s too much. Nor is it to say that once we’ve understood the nature of certain hate crimes, that we will forgive completely.

But in each step we take in discovering new countries, outside of the resorts and into the off beaten paths, we may learn that these countries that are our “enemies” contain 99% of individuals who are innocent, and live day to day like us. They have beliefs and religions that they go by, with a different name of “God” – Yahweh, Ishvara, Allah, Vishnu, Shangdi, Elohim, Jehovah – that has to do with love and care. Hoping that will cure hatred in the US among our neighbors that may be of that descent.

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