Best Yoga Classes in Lebanon

Yoga has become very popular throughout the past few years in Lebanon. Many younger (and older) Lebanese people are setting aside their religious and ethnic differences in a country/region that is still often torn by these trivial matters for a step towards oneness. The best yoga teachers do a phenomenal job in bringing a diverse range of people together within a community. And these yoga classes in Lebanon listed below are prime examples of such success.

The word “Yoga” is rooted from the Sanskrit word of “Yuj”, which literally translates to: “Yoke”, “Join, or to “Unite”. Yoga is more than the physical practice of “asanas“. It’s about union through breathing, meditation and going inwards. Once we are able to master our own mind, our own emotions and bring peace from within, that is the only path of bringing peace into the world.

yoga classes in lebanon

Best Yoga Classes in Lebanon

What makes yoga classes in Lebanon especially unique is how they incorporate nature in through the outdoors and organic food. It’s the intersection of nature and breath incorporated into these yoga classes that make the experience so lovely. You can find these yoga teachers hosting classes over the weekends on the beach, in a garden, by a resort pool or in a remote mountain village. Some of these yoga studios also have their own health cafés with locally grown ingredients.

Yoga Studios in Beirut

Yoga Souk is located in Saifi Village in Beirut Central District. It’s located within a 5 minute walking distance to the heart of all the action of Downtown Beirut and the upscale shopping center of the Beirut Souk. Or a 20 minute walk from Mar Mikhaël where I stayed. Upon entering Yoga Souk, sweaty and a bit anxious from the chaotic Beirut traffic, I felt immediately calm due to the ambiance of the studio. You can tell that the architecture, white airy decor, Feng Shui, props and high ceilings were designed with the comfort of the students’ needs in mind.

yoga beirut
Yoga Souk is located in Saifi Village just a 5 minute walk from Downtown Beirut and the Beirut Souk

A Souk is traditionally an open area where people (locals and travelers) come from all walks of life gather to exchange goods, enjoy tea, share food and information. Yoga Souk Beirut is just that in the Yoga world of Lebanon. A space where all are welcome to openly gather and put away feelings of intimidation and judgement. A place to open up further and become vulnerable. Resulting in becoming more fearless in the world.

The teachers at Yoga Souk were carefully selected as part of the Jivamukti and Ashtanga lineage. They have had trainings from around the world as well as teachers visiting from other countries stationed to teach here for a certain amount of time. Bringing a touch of global love into oneness.


  • Jivamukti
  • Ashtanga
  • Kundalini
  • Hormone Yoga Therapy
  • Yoga Nidra & Meditation
  • Yin

yoga souk beirut saifi village

Address: Saifi Village, 752 Said Akl Street, Beirut Central District
Phone: (+961) 81 608 607

Other Yoga Studios in Beirut:

Yoga Studio with a View near Beirut

Ohana Space Studio is a pleasant getaway from the busy agenda of Beirut. Just a 30 minute drive northeast from Downtown Beirut takes you into the hills of Kornet Chehwan near Dbayeh and Rabih. Serah Barakat is a young passionate Yogi who has had multiple Yoga Teacher certification trainings (including her first 200 hour training through Yoga Works she took in Morocco). At the young age of 28, she opened up this popular yoga studio in March 2018. Ohana also has a health bar where Yogis can lounge at for organic vegan snacks, nuts, bars and juices.

yoga classes in lebanon yoga classes in lebanon yoga classes in lebanon

While the main studio is in Kornet Chehwan, yoga classes are also offered in the mountainside of Naas (20 minutes uphill) at the gorgeous, private Barakat Garden-Naas.

yoga classes in beirut yoga classes in lebanon barakat garden naas

STYLyoga classes in lebanonES OF YOGA & SERVICES OFFERED:

  • Vinyasa
  • Aerial Yoga
  • Hatha
  • Yin
  • Kids Yoga
  • Restorative
  • Private classes available with Serah
  • Health Café with organically made energy bars, juices, smoothies, salads and more

Special deals: First class free. Purchase your first unlimited month of Yoga, get the 2nd month free.

Address: Kornet Chehwan Main Road (2nd floor), above Lord of the Wings
Phone: (+961)  03187723

Yoga Classes in Jounieh

best yoga classes in lebanonAk Yoga, which stands for Aurelie Karam Yoga Studio, is located in Jounieh, a coastal city in Keserwan District (part of Mount Lebanon). Leaving Beirut, it’s a 30-40 minute drive directly north on the main highway. Jounieh is also the gateway into Harissa, where one can take the Teleferique up to one of Lebanon’s most famed landmarks, Our Lady in the Sky. Aurelie Karam, another young Yogi entrepreneur, opened the studio so that she could share her passion of Yoga to the community. This is the only Yoga studio on the list that is a Hot Yoga studio. The classes are typically 60 or 90 minutes.

Why Hot Yoga? AK Yoga offers an intelligently designed sequence of postures “asanas”. The increased temperature in the yoga room aids in increasing the flexility of body tissues and warming up the muscles. This allows for deeper stretching and a effective way to release toxins through the breath and sweating of the whole body. One can burn an estimated 600-1000 calories per class, depending on intensity of the class. A great way to build strength as well as to lose weight. I feel reborn after every hot yoga class I take.

“Stretch Your Body, Free Your Mind”

 yoga classes in lebanon yoga class jounieh

 yoga classes in jounieh

Address: Jounieh highway Rached Center 1st floor, Haret Es-Sakhr, Lebanon
Phone: (+961) 76 121 717

Yoga by the Sea in Batroûn

yoga classes in lebanon yoga batroun

Darma Ji was the first Yoga studio I attended when visiting Lebanon back in 2017. Jihane Nasrallah, the founder, has had extensive training in the branch of Hatha Yoga throughout India in the past few years. Located in my favorite town of Batroûn, Darma Ji also offers bed and breakfast options if you are looking to fully immerse yourself into a Yoga Vacation by the Sea. The word “Dharma” means finding and following one’s purpose and fulfillment in life. This studio creates experiences that help people reconnect to their true selves.

In 2019, Darma Ji moved to a larger space, seafront, just 5 steps away from Bahsa Beach. The newly renovated studio has various sections for guests to lounge at any time of the day. A health bar and coffee shop offers fresh fruits, health bars, smoothies, superfood bowls and coffee/tea. Soon, they will also offer organic wine and beer. Their beautiful space is decorated in colorful pastel paint and bohemian decor found throughout Jihane’s travels around Europe, India and Southeast Asia. She also hosts international retreats, such as the one in Bali last summer.

yoga batroun yoga batroun yoga batroun

yoga classes in lebanon yoga batroun yoga batroun

A visit to Batroûn would not be complete without stopping by Darma Ji for a Yoga class, some relaxation on the hammock and a refreshing smoothie. Darma Ji also offers Reiki Healing, Thai and Deep-Tissue Massages upon appointments. Read a full blogpost on my experience here.


  • Yoga Classes
    • Hatha
    • Vinyasa
    • Kids Yoga
    • Zumba “Dance and Let Go”
    • Ashtanga
    • Aerial
    • Sunset Yoga
  • Stand-Up Paddle Board Yoga, also known as “SUP Yoga”
  • Health & Wellness Bar
    • Fruits, Health bars, Smoothies, Superfood Bowls
  • Boutique that sells clothing, yoga mats, handicraft bags and accessories
  • Guesthouse
    • Bed & Breakfast options (available by Fall 2019)
  • Private Yoga with Jihane
  • Massage & Healing (upon appointment)
  • Life Coaching
  • Workshops

Address: Bahsa Beach, Batroûn
Phone: (+961) 03 632 900

Visiting Batroun? Here are my posts on Things to Do in Batroun and a Bike Tour with Routes you must take!


Other Yoga Classes to Look Out For in Lebanon:

Special workshops are offered weekly by all of these studios listed above. Check their website for updates!

International Yoga Day happens annually in June around the world. The yoga teachers of Lebanon do a wonderful job in celebrating and sharing this holiday with their students. Check in with your favorite Yoga studios for special events they are hosting. Teachers often organize their own Yoga class along with a day of wellness and outdoor festivities. Often outdoors to take advantage of the perfect June weather. I was in Batroûn during International Yoga Day in 2019. Many beach resorts and bars were holding special Yoga classes (some free) including: Colonel Brewery (at Colonel Reef), Pierre & Friends and at Barracuda Beach Bar.

Besides dozens of classes hosted on International Yoga Day, yoga classes in Lebanon are also taught throughout the year at various festivals such as Art, Music, Dance, Business conferences and more.

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