Bäco Mercat in Downtown LA

baco mercato foodie review

I make an effort to try a new restaurant at least once a month. Bäco Mercat has been a lasting classic in the Old Bank District of Downtown Los Angeles. It’s a Spanish style cuisine in a hipstery, cozy, 1920s feel which is a Foodie’s Heaven. The food quality has kept up even after all the years the restaurant has been in operation with great ambiance, friendly/fun service and a wide menu variety. The cocktail bar is vibrant and energetic with skilled bartenders who passionately make the perfect drink tailored to your preference.

Bäco Mercat Foodie Review

Bäco Mercat remains a delicious restaurant with a variety of comfort Mediterranean food. You could taste every spice, every ingredient when biting into the food and know that the Chefs put love and thought into preparing and cooking the dishes. This is the type of restaurant that foodies appreciate. Even people who don’t live to eat could easily open their taste palettes and really appreciate the quality of taste in the food.

Since we didn’t make a reservation, the bar seating had a little wait. We chatted up with the friendly bartender who was passionate in making us the best drinks for our palate. The plates are meant to be shared and that way you get a taste of it all. And plus, why would you ever dine with anyone that doesn’t like to share?!

We started with the Crispy Fava Beans. Perfect appetizer starter with a kick of spice. “Bäco” is the signature flatbread sandwich created by Chef Josef Centeno. We shared the “The Toron” – Oxtail Baco Sandwich. The touch of Arugula in the sandwich gave it a nice spicy, flavorful delight. And to end, we hadthe Beef Lengua Ravioli.

Drinks at Bäco Mercat

I had the Vodka Shrub, concocted with Ginger Shrub and Bäco Pop (can also be made with Gin). This was the perfect cocktail pairing for our meal.

The ambiance is cozy and ideal to dine at any day of the week. It feels a bit like you’ve been transported to a Tapas Café in Spain. Dimmed to perfection, great for parties, dates and dining with friends. We comfortably sat for hours and didn’t feel rushed to leave. I can’t wait to go back and try the rest of the menu.

Baco Mercat
408 S Main St, Los Angeles, CA 90013

(213) 687-8808

Reservation is recommended.
Chef Josef Centeno also owns other restaurants:
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