As a Contributor to Bask, an Orange County luxury lifestyle magazine, I have the honor to interview founders of charitable organizations on what their ‘a-ha moment’ was which pushed them to step outside of their comfort zone and make tremendous positive changes in our world, their vision, and how we can help. For the Bask Spring issue, I interviewed the founder of House of the Children, Nancy Santullo, over a spontaneous 4 hour coffee date at the hipstery Gratitude Cafe in Larchmont, LA.

She sold her belongings, packed her bags and moved to Peru 10 years ago to empower indigenous peoples through the flow clean water, dignified sanitation infrastructure and health education in context to the cultural and environmental needs people in the remote Amazon Rainforest of Peru. She also leads Energy workshops and is the type of woman that leaves you feeling more energized, intuitive and intelligent.

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