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Travel and Financial Freedom Episode Summary:

I take you on a journey growing up in Los Angeles in a Taiwanese-Chinese-American immigrant home, living in a diverse community, and the strong desire to travel the world. We discuss my professional career path to becoming a Real Estate Title Rep, how I built my initial client base, and then making my career completely location independent and traveling the world. Plus:

  • Investing in rental property and using the passive income to support my world travels
  • Travel hacking tips, including credit card points strategy for consistently getting free flights around the world
  • Best travel experiences in some of my favorite countries, stories and recommendations from my time in: India, Lebanon, Iran, Mainland China and Taiwan
  • The evolution of my travel blog, “Bohemian Vagabond”. And building my personal brand to over 100,000 Instagram followers.
  • Top tips for solo-female-travelers
  • What travel means to me
  • Charities I give back to and Causes I’m most passionate about
  • The importance for the Asian-American community to strongly and visibly support the Black Lives Matter movement

Link to Podcast: https://www.themaverickshow.com/podcast/122-bohemian-vagabonding-as-a-real-estate-professional-and-asians-for-black-lives-with-jacki-ueng/

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