1 08, 2011

Shanghai: The Land of Opportunities

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We arrived in Shanghai sunday evening at 7:30 after a long hectic flight on United Air. We met my dad's friends for dinner at a dimsum restaurant called Star City. Afterwards we met up with 2 of my closest Shanghai Expatriate friends, Victoria & Albert. We met at "Hsin Tien Di", which translates to New Heaven [...]

30 07, 2011

American Born Chinese Back to the Motherland China

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What does "ABC" stand for? American Born Chinese. In 12 hours, this ABC will be traveling back to the motherland China for 17 days. I will be on a flight to Shanghai with my dad and sister. Back to the roots. Genetically, my grandparents and their ancestors and so on (or so I know) are [...]

15 06, 2009

Classic Chinese Melodies

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 Teresa Teng "The Moon Represents my Heart" This is the music that played on cassette tapes growing up. These were the Classic chinese melodies overheard at my Parent's & Grandparent's parties. We ignored these chinese songs and instead, listened to our walkmen of Marky Mark or New Kids on the Block. As first generation [...]