Classic Chinese Melodies

Teresa Teng “The Moon Represents my Heart”

This is the music that played on cassette tapes growing up. These were the Classic chinese melodies overheard at my Parent’s & Grandparent’s parties. We ignored these chinese songs and instead, listened to our walkmen of Marky Mark or New Kids on the Block. As first generation immigrant children, we thought we were too cool to recognize any form of the past, as we were so American (and only that). Now that I’m older, hearing these classic Chinese melodies brings back memories of my childhood. Nostalgic of my roots, the case for so many other American Born Chinese. Or Chinese people, anywhere in the world, of my generation.

It’s almost like a dream scene from Joy Luck Club. I find myself late at night, internetting away, and hearing these songs. Reliving my childhood, only the fondest memories. I imagine my older Chinese generations listening to these melodies on staticked radio and 10×10 black/white TV box back in the day.


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