Children of the Pyre, a Documentary on Varanasi


children of the pyre
A film about the realities of children in Varanasi

Children of The Pyre is a documentary showing the compelling real-life story of children living and working in India. It’s a self-narrative of 7 extraordinary children who make their living out of the dead inĀ Manikarnika, the busiest cremation ground in India.

This is based in Varanasi, India. I actually experienced the dozens of burning corpse a day (pyre) just from my balcony when I traveled there. I wasn’t aware that children as young as 7 were working as part of that process. They must have swept this aspect of Varanasi aside so that it doesn’t stir up so much controversy from international tourists. But I’m not surprised.

Not only does this raise issues of child labor, these children of the pyre are exposed to extreme danger and abuse. In addition, health and sanitation is of huge threat not only to them but anyone working on the pyre.

Please share this heart wrenching documentary with others, so we can raise more awareness of what goes on in this world. What children go through elsewhere. But also keep in mind and recognize the beauty & innocence in each of their eyes regardless.

Read more on my experiences travelingĀ 3 Days in Varanasi.

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  1. The trailer is quite disturbing when a child says “we want more people to die so that we earn more”. How was the movie?

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