Ways to Exercise Creativity on a Flight

In an effort to master the Art of Traveling, one must always find ways to be entertained on long flights before reaching our final destination. Some destinations are a lot farther than others. Some flights are a lot more torturous than others. Not all planes or passengers are as delightful as others. The most ideal scenario is if we could sleep all the way through. wake up refreshed and ready to conquer our new destination, without neighbors hogging the armrest or getting out to use the restroom too much. I share some other ways to exercise creativity on a flight.

On this past trip from India to Dubai, I found a new in-flight pastime – drawing! This would also be a  great pastime while relaxing at the park or hanging out on the rooftops at guesthouses & hostels. And it’s also incredibly light to carry.

I had packed a box of Colored Pencils & Notebook in my luggage that my dear friend Wassan gave me for my birthday after we had a brief discussion about wanting to start painting and drawing again. (One of my favorite pastimes growing up was I loved drawing.) On this packed flight with Indian children running around as if the airplane aisle was a merry-go-round. There were no TV screens to watch and with babies crying and some loud snores, I found serenity in drawing and coloring. I began looking through my iPad for colorful images and photos I’ve saved in the past… and Voila!

Exercise Creativity on a Flight

Exercise Creativity on a FlightExercise Creativity on a Flight

Other ways to exercise creativity on a flight:

  • Catch up on the latest Hollywood movies or Classic hits
  • Reading books
  • Enjoying the in-flight magazines
  • Journal!
  • Sketch out a rough itinerary of your final destination


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