Home Sweet Hacienda Encantada

Welcome home to Hacienda Encantada! Located on the quieter end of the Cabo coast, an enchanted paradise who’s name itself conjures up the sounds of coming home. Having grown up in Southern California my whole life, I admit that I had never been to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico until recently. I finally made the very quick 2 hour flight in mid November where the weather was still a perfect 80 degrees Fahrenheit. I stayed at the Hacienda Encantada Resort and Residences which I absolutely fell in love with. In this post, I share with you dozens of photos taken throughout the resort, the residences, the delicious food, tasty tequilas, sexy pools and even some boating fun from the Marina!

hacienda encantada photos
Lobby of Hacienda Encantada Resort

Secluded high above the sea with easy access to the beach, Hacienda Encantada is an all-inclusive resort with rugged, natural beauty and charm. A resort with private villas and exclusive suites decorated in gorgeous Mexican Architecture on a stunning landscape. The best part for a hedonistic foodie like me? They serve up a diverse, wide selection of restaurants spread throughout the massive land. It’s the ultimate wine and dine experience with a sweet ambiance.

hacienda encantada photos

hacienda encantada photos

hacienda encantada photos

Home Sweet Hacienda

hacienda encantada photosTheir tagline “Home Sweet Hacienda” certainly fits the bill. It’s the type of place that charms everyone. Fitting for a romantic couple, family with kids or bachelor/bachelorette parties that aren’t looking for all the noise and rage. This luxury beachfront hotel put a lovely taste of a classic Cabo experience for me during my first visit. And I cannot wait to return.

hacienda encantada photos

Exquisite Pools and Hot Tubs

hacienda encantada photos

hacienda encantada photos   hacienda encantada photos

Get Lost and Relax

The gorgeous property is large enough where you can potentially stay for days exploring, tasting new restaurants, lounging at pools and hammocks to catch up on rest or read a new novel. I enjoyed walking each day through the hilly resort as a mild form of exercise and exploration. Don’t feel like walking much? Don’t worry, golf carts are available all day to transport you to wherever you wish to go.

Golf cart rides are available 24/7 just by calling front desk or catching one that rides by

Suites are of Authentic, Mexican-Style Decor

hacienda encantada photos

hacienda encantada photos

Hacienda Encantada is the quintessential luxury resort with a deep dive into a cultural escapade of rich Mexican heritage. The rooms are interiorly decorated with traditional Guadalajara handcrafted textiles and wooden furnitures. Rooms have touches of vibrant colors yet easy on the eyes. Rooms are more in styles of apartments than traditional hotel rooms. Full kitchens are included in the 800+ square feet rooms with microwave, food utensils, refrigerator and stove.

The spacious bathrooms include a luscious tub, modern shower and separate bathrooms. Loved the fine collection of body and beauty products offered. (Room service is included daily if you wish)

Is a Stay at Hacienda Encantada Resort Right for You?

While choosing a resort or hotel to stay at, travelers have certain preferences to make their hard-earned vacation just right. Stay at Hacienda Encantada if you are looking for a resort in Cabo San Lucas that is/has:

  • Affordable – pricing start at only $150 per nighthacienda encantada photos
  • Quiet throughout the resort, though if you’re looking for some fun, head over to the pools
  • A passionate, friendly staff
  • Management who’s priority is centered around the guest’s ultimate experience
  • A gorgeous view from the patio of Land’s End and the Sea of Cortez
  • A wide variety of food throughout the resort: Authentic Mexican, Sushi, Italian and American
  • Full bars, with rooms equipped with beers in fridge
  • Events and/or performances almost every night of the week

hacienda encantada photos

hacienda encantada photosHacienda Encantada has a path to the beach but the most charming part of the resort is really the view from the top of the resort. Land’s End is where a rugged coastline greets the Sea of Cortez. I had a dejavu moment during dinner my first night at their romantic restaurant, Los Riscos, where I thought for a second, that I had been transported to Santorini. With the sound of waves crashing and sparkly starlight view of boats lined up along the marina from miles away.

hacienda encantada photos

Restaurants on the Hacienda Encantada Resort

hacienda encantada photoshacienda encantada photosFor your first meal of the day, why not order room service? You can put in your order the night before and schedule the room service any time you’d like the following morning.

Cozy up in bed with your lover or eat breakfast on the patio with that romantic view of the Azul tinted color Sea. Be sure to order the variety of fresh juices to replenish your vitamins and energy in the morning!

hacienda encantada photos

hacienda encantada photosHacienda Encantada serves up a wide array of culinary options for every taste bud. While I typically shy away from buffets and ‘all-inclusive’ resorts, with the assumption that they can’t all taste as good, I was thoroughly surprised by my meals here. The chefs put their passion into the food and it’s reflected in the taste and quality of the ingredients.

That’s why the resort is known for it’s Culinary & Wine throughout Cabo!


hacienda encantada photos
El Patio Sushi & Ceviche Restaurant located at the Adults Only Infinity Pool
  • Las Marias” serves up buffet or a la carte breakfast
  • El Patio Sushi & Ceviche Pool Bar” is the spot at the adults only pool where one can swim up to the infinity pool while indulging in fresh raw fish!
  • La Pergola” serves lunch and snacks daily until 5pm
  • Il Forno” has delicious pizza made straight out of the oven located just steps away from the pool (open until 10pm for after those tequila munchies!)
  • Los Riscos” (La Mesa del Patron) is the most romantic restaurant on property, serving up food from the Mesquite grill, overlooking the sea
  • La Trajinera” is where you’ll find authentic ancestral Mexican cuisine (fancier spot where reservation and dress code is enforced)
  • Barolo” is where you go for dinner when you want some fresh hot pasta
  • El Eden” is the spot to grab tequila and tacos!
  • La Vista” located on the scenic cliff hosts Fire Shows some nights of the week with buffet (also the most popular wedding spot)

hacienda encantada photos hacienda encantada photos hacienda encantada photos

hacienda encantada photos hacienda encantada photos hacienda encantada photos

hacienda encantada photos hacienda encantada photos hacienda encantada photos

Holistic Spa with Temazcal

hacienda encantada photos

hacienda encantada photos


The quaint Holistic Spa offers a variety of massage options from Swedish Aromatherapy, Hot Stone Therapy to Mayan Massages. I opted for the Mayan Massage because that is the local specialty (obviously!).

Temazcal” is the ancient pre-hispanic tradition of unification of mind and soul (performance every friday at 4pm).

hacienda encantada resort and spa

hacienda encantada residence

Buy a 2nd Home at Hacienda Encantada Residences

Love to vacation in Mexico and looking for a second home? Hacienda Encantada Residences offers larger, private, individual villas to rent for extended amounts of time. Some people come to stay for a week and then decide they want to stay much longer. I can’t blame them. Time-Share options are available as well in these beautiful new villas just a short golf-cart drive down from the resort.

Real Estate in Cabo San Lucas has gone up quite a bit in recent years from Americans and Canadians buying. Many speculate that it can be a good investment. Especially as a retirement home for the long run.

hacienda encantada residence  hacienda encantada photos  hacienda encantada photos

BBQ Lunch at the Residence Grand Villa & Tequila Tasting

We had the pleasure of enjoying lunch with our own private chef barbeque’ing fresh meat. This was paired with an informative tequila tasting on the patio of the Grand Villa. It’s located in the new phase/2-bedroom villa.

hacienda encantada photos


  1. Herradura Blanco
  2. Herradura Reposado (aged minimum 2 months in a wooden barrel)
  3. Herradura Anejo (aged minimum 12 months in a wooden barrel)
  4. Reserva de La Familia (ultra aged, minimum 36-42 months in a wooden barrel)

hacienda encantada photos

Did you know that Tequila can only be produced in 5 regions in Mexico?

Jalisco, Guanajuato, Michoacán, Nayarit, and Tamaulipas

“Mezcal” is the name that is produced in other states with a similar making process. 

marina fiesta cabo

Visit Hacienda Encantada’s Sister Property, Marina Fiesta

Hacienda Encantada’s sister property, Marina Fiesta, located in the “Marina Golden Zone” was recently renovated. It is within walking distance from the Marina after a day of boating or shopping. This is another great option for a place to stay if you prefer to be somewhere within walking distance to more restaurants and bars. While Hacienda Encantada embodies the secluded, classic, sexy Mexican getaway on the cliff, Marina Fiesta offers the younger, hotter sister energy of Coastal Chic. Rooms are artistically designed with modern Nautical themes.

Either way, your all-inclusive dining wristband allows you to dine, drink and hang out in both locations! Marina Fiesta’s Pool Bar is an idyllic rooftop pool to catch sunset while mingling with other travelers and soaking in the chill vibes of Cabo San Lucas.

Website: https://www.marinafiesta.com

[ Shuttles are offered for free between the two sister properties ]

Any restaurants within the “Marina Golden Zone” is included in the all-inclusive dining option as well at Marina Fiesta (and Hacienda Encantada). Want some delicious comfort Mexican food? Dine at Los Deseos, just steps outside of the resort for an authentic meal with Chefs that cook right in front of you and live musical performances.

los deseos cabo los deseos cabo los deseos cabo

los deseos cabo
Chicken Breast cooked with Mole from the region of Atocpan, Mexico


Sail the Sea of Cortez

hacienda encantada photossea and wine luxury sail experience in caboBesides lounging between the two sister properties, spend a day out at sea. While the beaches in Cabo aren’t all as swimmable as other Mexican beach destinations, there are plenty of water activities to engage in throughout the year.

Rent a Private Yacht and experience the “Sea & Wine” Luxury Sail Experience or join a group from the Marina. Check in at La Terminal de Cabo for tickets.

hacienda encantada photos

How to Get to Hacienda Encantada

Cabo San Lucas has been for decades, a favorite vacation spot for many Americans and Canadians. Especially those traveling from the west coast with such a short flight over. Los Cabos is known for it’s vibrant energy, all day and all night. There is always a party to be found.

A 30 minute drive from the SJO (San Jose International Airport) brings you to Hacienda Encantada Resort & Residences. And it takes just 10 minutes to Downtown Cabo ($15 per person, roundtrip on shuttle). There are direct flights from LAX that flies you to Cabo in less than 2.5 hours. That’s faster than getting to the east coast! Taxis are available at the airport or you can schedule airport pickup directly from the hotel with your booking.

hacienda encantada photos

Pricing start at just $150 per night for a Suite

Website: https://www.haciendaencantada.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HaciendaEncantada
Instagram: @HaciendaEncantada #HomeSweetEncantada

hacienda encantada photos

Disclaimer: I was invited on a sponsored Press Trip to Hacienda Encantada Resort & Residences with 7 other Professional Travel Blogger & Influencers in November 2018. All opinions are my own.

hacienda encantada photos


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