Thekkady, India

The Last Night in Thekkady
The night before that I met with the 2 Canadians (Geoff & Paul), 2 french girls (Marion & Sarah) and a German gal (Danielle) at a local restaurant.. We asked the man in front if they sold beer, he said no, we asked again, he lured us in.. and in this quiet, devious manner he gestures “come with me..” and whispers “its a secret!! We have very expensive good beer back there! but shhh”.. HMm… ok. So we end up in the restaurant in back which I admired off the bat.. My type of restaurant.. out door, with an open view of the forest.. deers passing by. a bit dim, candle light but still very rusty.. with families and young travelers.

We ordered 3 beers (king fisher).. they came in big tea pots.. HUH? What we found out is that there is only 1 man in all of Thekkady that bought a beer license.. which I think he said was about $1000 a year.. but I didn’t catch it exactly.. So they have to sneak it.. It was cute though.. I also ordered a chicken curry, rice, Chapparty (tortilla-ish bread).. I still haven’t had any Indian food that I would say is more enjoyable than the one I fell for in LA. But it shouldn’t be compared in that manner..

Leaving Thekkady
Yesterday morning at 5:30, I was awoken again by the call of roosters… I was out of bed and ready by 6:30 and took a walk through the cloudy breezy town… Thekkady is completely peaceful, there to cater to tourists, up high in the mountain, wildlife.. forest.. no poverty.. in a way, it seems like no ones really working.. but then again, it kinda seems that way in all of Kerala.. throughout the day you just see people sitting outside, on bikes, roaming around… observing visitors.

It was a 5 hour ride to where I am now.. on the way, me and Tomas – my driver friend and i stopped by a random restaurant for breakfast and tea.. I got a hard boiled egg in some curry spice.. dont know if its even called curry.. and 2 uppums.. another form of flour and water, with a bump in the middle.. and 2 cups of chai.. total maybe 1$.

During the breakfast meal, I went to the restroom in the back as many of these restaurants are somewhat integrated in with their houses. 3 cute kids at the age of around 12, 8, 4 approached me and said hello. People here are either extremely shy, or very brave. They asked my name and I felt instantly in love with them. I asked them for their good names, and to have them write it in my journal. I also gave them each a California Hollywood postcard (which I bought about 20 on Hollywood blvd before coming as someone advised that Indian children love anything USA). Just seeing the appreciation, love, and surprise in their eyes melted me…. something so simple as a postcard made them so grateful.


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