E!GHT KBBQ: Quality Korean Pork Belly in LA

Quality Korean Pork Belly Los Angeles
Photos Courtesy of E!GHT KOREAN BBQ

It’s no secret that Los Angeles boasts the biggest and best Koreatown in the United States. Not only is there a rich Korean-American history to this area, but the Korean food there is as close to the authenticity you would find in Korea. Foodies and locals flock regularly to Koreatown for classic comfort food, with the most popular being Korean BBQ. Options range from cheap all-you-can-eat starting at $9.99 per person to high-quality premium meat for a lot more. The most popular meat to order is typically beef, but options also range from Pork Belly, Chicken, Seafood options and more at these restaurants. Recently, I had the chance to taste E!GHT KOREAN BBQ in Los Angeles which leads me to this mouth-watering post on what I vote as the best spot to fill your human belly with quality Korean Pork Belly in Los Angeles.

Quality Korean Pork Belly Los Angeles

Quality Korean Pork Belly, Los Angeles

Quality Korean Pork Belly Los Angeles

E!GHT KOREAN BBQ was opened and has been thriving since 2013 which has been showcased by various Chefs, food critics, popular magazine and restaurant shows. Being the most popular Pork Belly Restaurant in LA, they’ve really mastered and stayed keen on their respective niche. The vibe in the restaurant is young and hip with the fun servers all well-versed on the menus. E!ght Korean BBQ is a full service BBQ restaurant which means waiters are fully attentive to cook your meat to perfection.

Quality Korean Pork Belly Los Angeles

There are various combinations to choose from off the menu, depending on the size of your group, the appetite and the preference. The most common package is “Combo A” which is their signature combo: a tasting of Korean Bbq Pork Bellies in 8 different flavors. To name a few, they have miso paste, curry, spicy, and herb seasoning. Combo A is good for 3 hungry people which also includes Seafood Soybean Stew, Mozarella Fried Rice and a wide array of Ban-chans (small endless Korean appetizers). While the Pork Belly is their specialty, do try the Pork Jowl (the cheek of the pig) which is perhaps one of the juiciest, tenderest part of the pork.

Quality Korean Pork Belly Los Angeles Quality Korean Pork Belly Los Angeles Quality Korean Pork Belly Los Angeles


Samgyeopsal — the name means three-layer pork, referring to the striations of meat and fat — comes from pedigreed pigs, specially bred black pigs at the very least. It is rich in vitamin B. To read some of the literature, you’d think you were taking yourself to a spa, not knocking back half a pound of lard.” – Jonathan Gold in LA Weekly.

Quality Korean Pork Belly Los Angeles

Not into Pork? Their Beef is Great too!

For those that don’t eat pork, their USDA Prime Beef is of high quality and tasty as well. Beef selections include Beef Belly, Brisket, Tongue, Ribeye, Korean Style Boneless Rib and Marinated Galbi Bulgogi.

Quality Korean Pork Belly Los Angeles

Non-Meat Options at E!GHT BBQ

Towards the end of the meal, the server will fry up what’s left of your Seafood Stew into a Fried Rice and top it off with Mozzarella. Witnessing this beautiful concoction and then tasting it is what people refer to as FOOD PORN!

Like any other Korean restaurants, they serve Soju (Rice liquor) and Beer which accompanies perfectly with the meat.

Included in all the Combos are Kimchi stews. They also serve Soybean stew, Budae Jjigae (army stew), and Gamjatang. Try the noodle soup selections too. There is something for everyone, and for foodies like me, I like to eat it all!

Quality Korean Pork Belly Los Angeles


E!GHT KOREAN BBQ was opened in 2013 and now has 4 locations:

  • Koreatown (Los Angeles)
  • Buena Park
  • 2 in Singapore

Koreatown Location: 863 S. Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90005

Quality Korean Pork Belly Los Angeles
Eight Korean BBQ – Koreatown, Los Angeles location

Lunch Specials are available at a more affordable price (approximately $20/person) if you want to pop in with colleagues!

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