Sihanoukville Beach, Cambodia

It’s day 3 at the Beach on Cambodian’s most southern tip. The guys want to stay a couple more days here. I’d like to get to Vietnam soon. Gotta keep truckin’ along! We thankfully are staying at the best Bungalow hotel/restaurant/bar. Every night they have a special where a lady with a truck full of meat stands there and you pick which you want. $1 for each meat: chicken, beef, squid (YUM), shrimp, fish, pork. And a side of potato salad & regular salad. We’ve been comfortably doing that every night. Enjoying a few happy hour drinks and then on to other places.

Partying in Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Last night after dinner Chad went back to rest, he hadn’t been feeling well the last 2 days so Frenchie & I set sail to wander the mean streets in this beach town. We asked the hotel owner for happening clubs or bars. He gave us a name, we headed out the street. There were 2 bars with a fair amount of people and good music. The first place we went to was more club like (no one dancing though) called Utopia. There were a few westerners bar tending. They have been traveling and making a few extra dollars by working there. Also many western restaurant/bar owners around her came on a 1 month visa years ago, and ended up staying for years. They love it so much and it’s questionable when they will go home.

After that we went to a bar up the street which is very popular around here called Monkey Republic. There we sipped Cambodian Whiskey and had Jager Bombs.

Boating to a Local Uninhabited Island

I managed to stumble out of bed this morning at 8:30 and make it to boating. We hired a wooden boat to take us to near by islands, there were about 10 of us on the boat. It had been raining hard all night, and the clouds weren’t looking too clear. But I couldn’t bare the thought of another day at the beach, doing nothing. So I convinced the boys to go, rain or shine. The boatman drove about 45 minutes out to sea, and allowed 20 minutes for us to go snorkeling.

20 minutes into the boat ride, as the sun seemed to have been coming out… drip. Drop. Stop. Drip, a bit. Hmm, we can manage that.. THEN IT STARTED POURING RAIN! Hey, it adds to the adventure!

Bamboo Island

We arrived to a beautiful little secluded island named “Bamboo Island”. No more than 20 people lived there at the time, and some huts were for rent. We had about 2 hours at that beach island. I read some of my current book Anthony Bourdain “The Nasty Bits” then joined an elder New Zealand man (retired Papa New Guinea school teacher) and 2 Cambodian locals for conversation and fruits.

The ocean here boasts a gorgeousĀ aqua-greenish color. Beautiful. The color seems to change too by the minute. As beautiful as it is though, I imagined myself stranded on that island, and knew I couldn’t do it. I need the city. I don’t realize how much I love the city until I leave it. Although if I were stranded with a few of my favorite people in the world, good music and enough animals to eat, I may be able to stay a bit longer!

Enjoying Cambodian Food

I don’t think I’ve had one bad meal since I got here. The only bad meals have been the Hamburgers/red meat I order when I really break down and need a dose.

I’ve been enjoying eating local, traditional food: spicy noodle soups, curry, rice. The food is all so fresh here! The plants are locally grown, picked day of with no pesticides. The meat is fresher than the processed American meat. Today on the island, it was a bit difficult for me to bite into my chicken as tons of roosters and hens ran around, followed along by their Chiclets.


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