This is China “T.I.C.”

T.I.C. Is an acronym my girlfriend Victoria shared with me on my visit to China which stands for “This is China“. So along our Travels & Explores of China, experiences we encountered, people we met along the way, if it is that unique, odd ‘only in China’ moment, We murmur “TIC“.


Here is a list I started of “TIC Moments” through our random encounters in China to get you a glimpse into this huge Land they call China(r) that is ever revolutionizing:

  • 20 some year old girls picking out young male escorts at a club for the night. (meaning us)
  • Waiters and servicers yelling at you for asking anything. In China, the customer is not always right. So you learn to be tougher to get your way.
  • Pedestrians also don’t have the right of way, even if you continue walking, they WILL run you over, take off, and never be found. So you better wait.. or run REALLY fast.
  • After a major train crash that occurred 2 weeks ago, instead of digging up the remains (and people that died) to investigate the cause of crash, the government went as fast as they could to bury the evidence and news story to avoid dealing with this issue nor have the world find out about this incident. (True Story)
  • Major Censorship. Blocking social sites and anything progressive such as facebook, twitter, youtube, tumblr to repress their people from accessing outside knowledge.
  • Yet the Hospitality is among the best I’ve ever experienced. The hosts are also accommodating that they make sure you’re always beyond full and beyond drunk, even at lunch.
  • 1 child rule, unless you have money to pay the government. Actually, if you have money here, you can do just about anything, laws don’t matter. Hmm, shall we make a move?
  • Communist government paying their people $300 a month salary in the big city while the top 1% makes billions – as in Businessmen making Billions and the Government Officials squandering Millions.
  • China spends more money and time than any other country in the world to fix its infrastructure, build flashy buildings, and kick beggars & residents out for the 2008 Olympics, all for show. Yes, as I mentioned, the Chinese are incredibly accommodating to guests, but also do not take care of their own citizens.
  • Charging money for using a napkin placed next to your plate without informing you at a restaurant.
  • Having holes as bathrooms even at the fanciest restaurants. Toilets just aren’t priorities here.
  • Humongous statues of the communist leader Mao ze Dong everywhere you go as well as red printed slogan of how the government is for the people.

To be continued..

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